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On weeknights, there’s just not enough time to cook. Between coming home from work, the kids’ homework and taking care of the house, time is short! To give you more time while eating great home-cooked meals, we’ve got a few ideas for weeknight recipes that are ready in under 30 minutes 😊. Plus, with our bags of leeks already washed, sliced and ready to cook available in the grocery store's prepared fruits and vegetables section, preparing weeknight suppers is even simpler!

Instead of ordering out next time, try one of our 5 quick and easy weeknight dinner recipes!

Macaroni and cheese with leeks

Ah, macaroni and cheese 🧀! It’s always a winning weeknight recipe. In the store-bought box where you add the powder, a little milk and butter can do the trick when you’re in a hurry. But you must admit that our recipe for macaroni and cheese with leeks is much better with the right ingredients and takes practically the same time to cook as the store-bought box 😉.

Recette de souper de semaine : un macaroni au fromage et aux poireaux rapide à faire


Pork tenderloin with leek and mustard sauce

Pork tenderloin is quick and easy to cook on weeknights. With a list of simple ingredients you probably already have in your fridge, our recipe for pork tenderloin with leek and mustard sauce is perfect for weeknights. Pair with leek mashed potatoes or baked tomatoes on the vine 😊!

Recette de souper de semaine : des filets de porc avec une sauce au poireau et à la moutarde


Salmon and leek burgers

Salmon is a versatile protein for a weekday meal. We love salmon steaks, as in the following recipe, but we also love salmon in burger form, especially since our recipe is quick and easy to make, with 7 ingredients we all have at home!

And when burgers are on the menu, you can often see potatoes there too! Good, freshly sliced potatoes in fries or thin rounds with Serge’s homemade potato spice blend is always a hit 🤤.

Recette rapide de semaine : burgers de saumon aux poireaux


Salmon and gnocchi with leek cream and tarragon

This weeknight dinner recipe has a certain festive, comforting quality to the cream, white wine and leek sauce! During preparation, we suggest you chop double the tarragon in this recipe. You can use it for next week’s recipe, which contains some 😉!

Repas de semaine rapide : saumon et gnocchis à la crème de poireau et à l’estragon


Pappardelle with lobster and bacon breadcrumbs

Lobster for a weeknight dinner? Why not? This lobster and bacon pasta recipe is quick and easy to prepare, even during the week! It’s rich in flavour and adds a festive touch to a simple weeknight dinner. With this delight ready in 30 minutes or less, who said lobster was only for special occasions and not weekday suppers 😉.

 Recette de pâtes aux fruits de mer rapide pour la semaine : pappardelles au homard et chapelure de bacon


Weeknight dinner recipes by the ton

We love sharing our delicious recipes for weekday suppers, dinners with family and friends, or big celebrations. Whatever the occasion, we have an impressive number of recipes to choose from:

Have a good week, and bon appétit!