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Last summer, we shared with you some of the benefits of eating locally year-round and our tips for making it happen. We told you that eating local food allowed us to eat fresher, reduce our ecological footprint, get closer to local producers and, above all, encourage the local economy.

In these times of crisis and beyond, local food producers need you more than ever (and that’s good because you’ll benefit, too!). 

Why buy locally in these difficult times?

The consequences of COVID-19 will be felt long after its passage in all areas. That’s why buying from the small local shopkeepers or producers we love is even more important. What’s more, these producers will help us eat well year-round, even if products in grocery stores dwindle (and we’re not even talking about freshness!)

And don’t forget that there’s no intermediary between you and your vegetables: no transport from one country to another, no multiple stops and storage, no dozens of manipulations during the process.

From the field to your plate.

Des fruits et légumes locaux directement du producteur

Option 1 for eating locally: have baskets of fresh local fruit and vegetables delivered to your door.

We’re in luck because many local food producers offer vegetable baskets. Many have also adjusted their offer to our difficult situation, even offering home delivery instead of the traditional drop-off points. Even so, the companies that continue to use drop-off points do so with extreme attention to sanitation.

If you subscribe to a vegetable basket now, you’ll benefit from the last of the winter season. Otherwise, signups for summer baskets will begin as early as mid to late June, depending on the vegetables you want.

Please note that, depending on your chosen producer, you may receive year-round baskets with your subscription (summer, fall and winter baskets).

Une femme se fait livrer des fruits et légumes frais de la région à domicile

4 local producers offering fruit and vegetable baskets*.

1- Marcotte harvests

Fruit and vegetable picking and selling pointsMarché public de Drummondville (in French)
Home delivery of fruit and vegetables during confinementYes, by e-mail or Messenger (see procedure here) as well as on their new Web platform (in French)
Home delivery locations, if availableWithin a 50 km radius of Drummondville, see details here

2- Lufa Farms

Fruit and vegetable picking and selling pointsCurrently, Ville Saint-Laurent offices only
Home delivery of fruit and vegetables during confinementYes, see delivery details here
Home delivery locations, if availableMontreal region

3- Bio Locaux (in French)

Fruit and vegetable picking and selling points

Several in the Montreal area; see the map here

Home delivery of fruit and vegetables during confinement


Home delivery locations, if available


4- Kyma Urban Agriculture

Fruit and vegetable picking and selling pointsNone, delivery only
Home delivery of fruit and vegetables during confinementYes, home delivery by bike; see the Web platform (in French)
Home delivery locations, if availableMontreal region

*The Crazy Leeks team tries to adjust the services of the producers listed according to the changes caused by the current situation, but to be sure to have the latest updates from the producers, we invite you to keep an eye on their Facebook page.

A group of organic farms for your fruits and vegetables

If none of the producers listed covers your region, visit the Réseau des fermiers de famille, a gold mine of information on over 130 organic farms in Quebec and New Brunswick.

The foundation of the group is inspiring: community-supported agriculture. When you sign up for vegetable baskets, you’re not “just” enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. You’re contributing to the business and becoming a partner by enabling the grower to buy the seedlings and equipment he needs to bring you the food you love.

To find your nearest organic farm

Enter your postal code in the Family Farmers Network interactive map to find the nearest farm and discover its produce offering. Doesn’t seem to be talking about the current situation on their website? Check out their Facebook page!

It’s already worth subscribing to a fruit and vegetable basket, but if you do it before May 15, 2020, you’ll even be entered into a contest! You could win a refund on your baskets or cookbooks, including one from Loounie Cuisine. And you know how we love that one 😉

Option 2 for local food delivery: choose restaurants that source from Quebec.

Every now and then, and especially in confinement, it’s good to let yourself be spoiled! To help you choose restaurants that source their produce from Quebec (like 200 Brock in Drummondville, which uses our leeks 🤗 ), we’ve unearthed a list of restaurants that have made it a point of honour to put Quebec on your plate.

To find the nearest one, simply enter your zip code into the platform. You can even see which restaurants offer delivery in this time of confinement with the help of easily identifiable dots.

Plats livrés de restaurants qui s'approvisionnent en fruits et légumes locaux

Option 3 for eating home-grown fruit and vegetables: choose Québec at the grocery store.

To find Québec products at the grocery store, look for logos like Aliments Québec or Aliments préparés au Québec. In fact, you’ll find our leeks in the grocery store (if it’s orange, it’s us!).

Poireaux entiers et poireaux tranchés des Cultures de chez nous à l'épicerie

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