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We’ve already given you 10 recipes with berries that aren’t desserts (in French). In today’s article, we’re focusing strictly on strawberry, raspberry and blueberry 😉 desserts. From pies to ice creams, here are 15 local berry desserts to water your mouth!

Enjoy classic berry tarts

Strawberry, raspberry and blueberry tarts are true Quebec classics. Every family probably has its own little magic touch and secret recipe for the best berry pie. Here are 3 that could well become your family pie classics!


Chocolate strawberry tart

Chocolate and strawberries go so well together. Especially when combined in a tart. This one is so good that we’d even go so far as to say that anyone who tastes it will want the recipe. You can give it to them or tell them to come and see our chocolate strawberry tart recipe 😉.

Dessert aux fraises - Tarte chocolatée aux fraises du Québec


Chocolate and raspberry tart

Raspberries also love to join chocolate in a tart. This chocolate and raspberry tart recipe is ready in 30 minutes and likely to be devoured in less than 15 minutes 😉. 

Dessert aux petits fruits - Tarte au chocolat et aux framboises


Blueberry pie (in French)

Just looking at this blueberry pie makes your mouth water. Try it with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, raspberry ice cream or blueberry ice cream to go completely blueberry!

Recette de tarte aux bleuets faites avec des bleuets du Québec fraßchement cueillis


Savour the unmissable shortcakes

Shortcakes can take many different forms, depending on the cake you use. But, without a doubt, all our Quebec berries are delicious in shortcakes!


Strawberry shortcake

Soft cake, sweet whipped cream and juicy strawberries. That pretty much describes our strawberry shortcake. With the cake made in a muffin tin, it’s perfect for individual servings!

Incontournable recette de shortcake aux fraises du Québec avec crÚme fouettée


Crisp raspberry and maple cream shortcake (in French)

With its crunchy, sweet wafers, this raspberry shortcake looks different from the strawberry one but tastes just as delicious.

Shortcake croustillant aux framboises du Québec et à la crÚme d'érable


Shortcake with blueberry compote (in French)

Whether your blueberry shortcake is made with angel cake or sponge cake, you will indeed have a classic dessert allowing the blueberries to enjoy their full flavour and colour!

Shortcake à la compotée de bleuets du Québec avec crÚme fouettée


A taste of Italy with panna cottas

Ah, Italy! As we explained in our article on 9 Italian recipes for eating like in Italy (in French), it’s a country where you can enjoy legendary pasta dishes, prodigious pizzas, extraordinary cannolis, formidable tiramisus and sublime panna cottas. And we can’t fail to mention this latest dessert, in which our strawberries, raspberries and blueberries are generously showcased.


Panna cotta with coconut milk, strawberries and Thai basil

As well as being easy on the eye, this strawberry panna cotta is delicious! And what about the strawberries, basil and maple syrup? They go wonderfully well with coconut milk.

Recette italienne de panna cotta avec fraises du Québec et basilic thaï


Raspberry panna cotta (in French)

In a bowl or verrine, raspberry panna cotta with coulis will look great on your dessert table.

Panna cotta italienne aux framboises avec coulis de framboises du Québec


Blueberry panna cotta (in French)

Turn the panna cotta onto a plate for a wow effect before pouring the blueberry coulis over the top. It’s simply beautiful and tasty with a few whole blueberries as decoration (and a sweet treat)!

Panna cotta aux bleuets du Québec avec coulis et bleuets en décoration


Cheesecakes to die for

We all know someone who has a thing for cheesecakes. With any of the following recipes, we guarantee that person will continue to go nuts over cheesecakes, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries!


New York cheesecake with fresh fruit

You’ll fall under the spell of this New York-style cheesecake. And you don’t have to visit the Big Apple to enjoy it! Straight from your kitchen, you’ll be treated to one of the classic cheesecake desserts, generously topped with sweet, juicy Quebec strawberries 🍓.

Gùteau au fromage style New York aux fraises du Québec


Raspberry mini-cheesecake

Even though they’re mini, these raspberry cheesecakes are grand. They’re perfect for sharing, freezing and enjoying again and again! Can you resist eating just one for dessert?

Mini-cheesecakes aux framboises du Québec avec coulis de framboises


Blueberry pavé

With its blueberry filling and pecan crust, this cheesecake will surely wow your taste buds and those of your guests đŸ€€!

Gùteau au fromage aux bleuets du Québec avec croûte aux pacanes


Cool off with homemade berry ice cream

We’ve already presented 5 ice cream recipes with unusual and impressive flavours (in French). Here, we’re going a little more traditional with recipes for homemade strawberry, raspberry and blueberry ice creams. They’re ideal for cooling off in the summer heat or for a frozen treat any time of year.


Homemade strawberry ice cream with bananas (in French)

Here’s a beautiful and delicious way to “pass” those ripe bananas you hoard to make banana bread 😉. This strawberry-banana ice cream is refreshing, fruity, and quick to make! 

CrÚme glacée maison aux fraises du Québec et à base de bananes


Homemade blueberry and coconut milk ice cream

Simplicity and speed are the hallmarks of this homemade blueberry and coconut milk ice cream recipe. Mix all the ingredients in the food processor and place in the freezer. That’s all there is to it! It’s a vegan ice cream you absolutely must try 😊.

CrÚme glacée végétalienne maison aux bleuets et au lait de coco


Minute raspberry sorbet with lychee liqueur

Well, even if this recipe isn’t called “ice cream,” it still counts in the category of homemade frozen treats 😉. Plus, you only need 5 minutes, 5 ingredients and 2 steps to make this fabulous homemade raspberry sorbet. It couldn’t be easier! The hardest part will be resisting eating your fresh raspberries because you’ll have to freeze them to concoct this homemade raspberry frozen delight!

Dessert aux framboises - Sorbet aux framboises et liqueur de litchi


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