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Ah, the holiday season! That time when we see family and friends, spend quality time together and eat in good company. Well, not in 2020, but we hope things will return to normal soon. To plan for upcoming holiday parties, we’ve put together a festive menu to please everyone. Whether you’re a meat eater, vegetarian or vegan, we’ve got the Christmas recipes for you. From appetizers to main courses and desserts, browse our festive menu and drool over our 10 holiday recipes 🎉.

Holiday appetizers: to each his meatball

They’re easily poked with a fork, wooden toothpicks, and even sword-shaped ones. Dumplings as an appetizer at the Christmas party are perfect when you chat with the sister-in-law while watching the kids admire the gigantic Christmas village that takes up half the living room 😉! And to ensure there’s something for everyone, here are 4 meatballs, vegetarian or vegan recipes.

Chicken meatballs with leeks

These meatballs are so good that everyone will want your recipe. It’s a pleasure 😉. Serve with a mayonnaise like our leek mayo , for example.

Entrée de boulettes de poulet aux poireaux pour le temps des Fêtes

Vegan Swedish meatballs (in French)

Served with a Swedish-style sauce (in French), these Swedish-inspired veggie meatballs will delight your guests while they admire your furniture 😉.

Boulettes suédoises végétariennes faites avec des légumes et du quinoa pour un repas des Fêtes

Vegan falafels

These falafels are made without animal products and are to die for, with a tzatziki sauce (also vegan) (in French) or a vegan mayonnaise.

Recette de falafels végétaliens faits avec des pois chiches pour un entrée de Noël

Onion fritters (bhajis) (in French)

We wanted to limit ourselves to 3 meatball recipes, but we couldn’t pass this up. Anyone who knows a thing or two about Indian cuisine will undoubtedly be captivated by onion fritters, also known as onion bhajis. They may not always have the perfect spherical shape, but it’s in the little “imperfections” that the best flavours lie. Serve with a bit of lime juice or a cucumber raita sauce (in French), also available in a vegan version (in French)!

Beignets aux oignons de style indien aussi appelés bhajis pour une entrée festive de Noël

Festive main courses for entertaining: the famous Wellington

The Wellington is a preparation baked in puff pastry. Inside this pastry, you can put whatever you like! So, here’s the Beef Wellington in 3 versions: with meat, vegetarian and vegan.

Beef fillet with leek crust

The classic beef Wellington we’ve always known is made with filet mignon. And when leeks are included in a recipe, we’re always happy because we know it will be delicious!

Filet de bœuf en croûte aux poireaux (bœuf Wellington) pour une recette du temps des Fêtes

Trout and vegetable coulibiac

When you replace the beef with trout and a few vegetables, you get something very close to a Wellington but called a coulibiac instead. Simply sublime 🤤.

Coulibiac de truite et légumes façon Wellington au poisson pour un repas du temps des Fêtes

Portobello Wellington

Here, the beef is replaced by a delicious blend of portobello, button mushrooms, and cashews. All are well-seasoned. For an utterly leeky touch, replace the onion with leeks. It’s easy, it’s equal parts leek and onion! In this case, 2 onions are about 2 cups, so replace with 2 cups of leeks. Leeks are so versatile and contain so many good things. That’s why we always consider replacing onions with leeks at home 😉.

Bœuf Wellington végétalien sans viande fait avec des champignons, aussi appelé Wellington Portobello

Sumptuous Christmas desserts: Italy, freshness and chocolate on the menu

When it comes to holiday desserts, there’s no shortage of choice. With our 3 recipes, we invite you to travel to Italian soil with a classic dessert, refresh yourself with summery Quebec flavours, and end on a high note with a traditional dessert reinvented in a vegan version.

Italian panettone

We’d love to see this Italian Christmas dessert complete our article on 9 Italian recipes for eating like you’re in Italy (in French). With its hint of dark rum, this pastry has everything you need for a festive Christmas!

Gâteau italien pour un dessert du temps des Fêtes, un Panettone italien

Minute raspberry sorbet with lychee liqueur 

This sorbet is perfect for adding a little freshness to your Christmas dessert. Have some frozen raspberries that you picked yourself this summer? You can use them and taste Quebec summer on a cold day. Ready in 5 minutes. What more could you ask for 😉.

Sorbet minute aux framboises et liqueur de litchi pour se rafraîchir au dessert à Noël

Vegan Christmas log (in French)

This Christmas log has it all. Creamy, melt-in-your-mouth, gluten-free, dairy-free and 100% exquisite.

Bûche de Noël végétalienne au chocolat avec des framboises, bleuets et mûres

More recipes and ideas for the holidays

The festivities are fast approaching. We’re not sure how things will turn out this year, but one thing’s for sure: we’ve still got tons of inspiration to help your reception go off without a hitch.


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