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You're welcoming guests for Christmas? To please your guests right from the appetizer, here's 10 appetizers ideas absolutely delicious which may be eaten with your hands while your drinking with your in-laws 😉

Sausages and leeks arancinis

It's impossible to resist to these little bites, even more with this mix of risotto, parmigiano reggiano cheese, italian sausages and basil!

Arancinis Ă  la saucisse et aux poireaux avec sauce tomate

Parmesan and leeks meatballs

We,re moving from one balls to another. Even if few ingredients are similar from the last recipe, you'll surely want to serve those meatballs to your guest since it's so good!

Boulettes de parmesan et de poireaux avec de la saucisse italienne et une sauce tomate

Champagne and cream roasted oyster

Sabre champagne, it's party time! Here's an appetizer which will surely " pop "!

Hußtres grillées avec champagne, crÚme, poireaux, épinards et fumet de poisson

Tomatoes bites with cheese and shrimps

Forget about the ring of shrimps bought at the gorcery store! This recipes is like a all-in-one. No need to dip the shrimp in a tomato sauce since the tomato is part of the bite! Like this we avoid the infamous double dipping feared by many  đŸ˜‰

Tomates farcies avec du fromage, des herbes et des crevettes

Stuffed mushrooms with bacon and goat cheese

Here's another vegetables which, when stuffed, offer an appetizer that everyone will love. And with goat cheese and bacon pieces, it's gourmet without being full for the rest of the night!

Champignons farcis avec du fromage et du bacon

Sausages with crust

If you like cocktail sausages, you'll love this recipe. Dare different sausages : Toulouse, bacon and Cheddar, chorizo or beer flavoured... Guide yourself with your taste buds!

Saucisses enrobĂ©es d’une pĂąte feuilletĂ©e

Parmesan straws

If you have flaky pastry left from your sausages with crust, it's the perfect recipe to make use of it. Quick preparation. Quick baking. Quick to enjoy. It's so good that it'll be gone just like hot rolls!

Pailles au parmesan faites avec de la pùte feuilletée

Cauliflower wings

Just like chicken wings, this cauliflower with a beer breading will obtain a perfect grade from your guests!

Petit bouquet de chou-fleur panĂ© Ă  la biĂšre Ă  la façon d’ailes de poulet

Garnished cucumber rolls

Let it be cucumber or zucchinis to make those rolls, the great taste and freshness will still be there.

Rouleaux de courgette garnis de fromage feta, d’olives et de piments chili

Leeks butter canapés

It's time to move to the living room đŸ˜‚ We couldn't ignore those canapés. Leeks, butter, mustard, cheese and bread. It's all you need for a basic excellent evening appetizer! Okay, we can stop playing with words related to the living room.

Canapés au beurre de poireaux avec moutarde et fromage sur un pain baguette

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