Aromatic mini-leeks galantine

Author: Les Cultures de chez nous
Clafoutis aux poireaux et à la tomme
Preparation 20
Baking 135
Portions 4
Freezing No


  • 12 Les Cultures de chez nous mini-leeks
  • 25 gr of Haco Or aromatic jelly
  • 500 ml (2 cups) of spring water
  • Herbs of your choice (tarragon, coriander, basil, mint, etc.)
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  • Wash leeks and steam slowly for about 12 to 15 minutes. Cool down and verify cooking quality. Prepare jelly with package instructions.
  • Pour a light layer of jelly at the bottom of a mold and let harden in the refrigerator for 5 minutes. Set leeks in mold, spread with herbs and cover with jelly. Repeat again and finish with a layer of Haco Or jelly. Refrigerate for minimum 2 hours.

Chef's notes