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People who have seen my Traveling book knows : Morocco, it's one of my favorite destination. And not only because I rode camels in the desert! Even if I loved to swiay my butt to the rhythm of my lively ride, it's the culinary aspect that first captivated the yound leek that I am. We're foodie or we're not!

Moroccan cooking made me go cra-zy with its flavours and scents. Between saffron and curcuma, mint and paprika, olives and kofta, I was charmed by this rich and exotic foods. And loyal to the hospitality of it's people, Morocco offers a variety of recipes easy to do. You'll see, guests will be impressed. Faith of leek!

So wear you apron and test those authentic flavored recipes!

Morocco's unavoidable : mint tea

I know, it's not really a recipe... but traveling to Morocco without trying this famous over-sweety mint tea, it's like traveling to Quebec without trying poutine out. IMPOSSIBLE!

In Morocco, it's always the same : you arrive at this habitant's home and, after welcoming you with a warm Salaam Alaikum, the latter will invite you ( and don't even think about declining!) to taste a mint tea. First, you'll probably think it's very sweet. But after a while, you'll mainly be like : " the hell coffee and redbull! Starting today, I'll only rely on mint tea! "

Ingredients needed to make this magic potion at home :

  • Green tea
  • Sugar (and do not beat around the bush)
  • Fresh mint leaves (ones at the grocery store will do)

Eat it with few nuts after the main meal and everything will be perfect! You'll look like a real Moroccan cooking master (and you'll impress your mother-in-law, definitely!)

Recette marocaine de thé vert à la menthe

The Moroccan cooking recipe par excellence : The tajine

I can aready hear you coming from the other side : " But Serge, what's a tajine ". The word " tajine " means at the same time meal and the plate in which the latter is cooked.

Originated from the Berber culture, it's a stew made of one protein (meat, poultry, fish), spices, fruits or vegetabes.

Me, it's in the city of Chefchaouen (you know the blue town everyone post pictures on Instagram?) that I found this jewel of the Moroccan cuisine. Mine was made of kofta and eggs, but what's so great about the tajine, it's the fact that it's a recipe that you can change up to your taste. You don't like apricots? Replace it by dates. So simple!

The advice I'm giving you : set the tajine in the center of the table and invite your people to enjoy it with bread. Nothing's more authentic!

Tajine, recette traditionnelle de cuisine marocaine

Cooking Moroccan cuisine, it's also mastering the art of couscous

The couscous, you probably already know it, is a traditional plate which didn't change much for the past centuries. It's grealty present in Moroccan cuisine on Friday (and also on special events) and, even if everyone adds his own touch, we generally can find in it:

  • Couscous semolina 
  • Spices
  • A protein (lamb, chicken, etc.) (couscous may also be vegetarian)
  • A variety of vegetables of your choice (carrots, turnips, green cabbage, etc.)

Just like a tajine, couscous is a Moroccan recipe easy to master (in fact, there's nothing easier, except maybe Kraft Dinner) and which allows many variants. Pickles, eggplants, tomatoes, chick peas...

Cooking Moroccan, it's also letting your imagination run wild !

Cuisiner marocain, recette facile de couscous

The pastilla : the Moroccan recipe which will make you say " oh my gosh! "

You know Fès, the imperial city which charmed everyone with its fortifications and its famous tanneries? But did you know that Fès is also the cradle of the pastilla, one of my favorite of the Moroccan cuisine?

Traditional recipe from Maghreb, pastilla is a puff pastry sweet and salty at the same time, perfumed with cinnamon.

You're more conservative? Chicken and almonds pastilla will please you. Perso, I'm an adventurous leek. Therefore, I prefer the traditional Moroccan recipe : the pigeon pastilla! It may be scary said this way, be trust me : it's a real DELICACY😍

Pastilla takes a bit more time than the cousous or tajine to prepare, but is still a Moroccan recipe easy to cook. And believe me, efforts are worth it : just like me, you'll be amazed by its harmonious mixture of sweetness and saltiness. Since pigeon isn't really " popular " in Quebec, I'll suggest you the chicken version  😉.

Pastilla sucrée au poulet, recette traditionnelle de cuisine marocaine

For sweet tooth : sfenj (or Moroccan donuts)

Ok now, read well what's following, because I have a story to tell you and I feel really inspired.

Imagine this scene: you're walking, on an evening, in the streets of Marrakech. Let yourself lulled by the sounds of horns and shop keepers closing their shops. You let yourself be charmed by scents which are coming from Moroccan kitchens and childrens playing in the streets. 

And suddenly, you hear : the sweet crackling of dough still soaking in oil.
And suddenly, you smell : the sweet scent which comes tickling your nose and charm your palate.

That's when you get to know one of the proud ambassador of the Moroccan street cooking : sfenj (or Moroccan donuts).

(Hey, Baudelaire can forget about it !) 🤓

Served warm, sfenj may go with honey (or any sweet side dish : maple syrup, Nutella, etc.) and, you'd guess, a mint tea.

Okay, let's put things straight. For you, it's probably going to be just a donut. But for me, it's nothing less than a love story. And it's no smal talk for a leek : you can imagine well, on the relational level, I mainly frequent ladies of my kind : one or two eggplants here, a swiss chard here and few butternut squash there (not easy to deal with those ones).

But, it's the Moroccan donut that, in the end, won over my heart. Taste it, you'll thank me later!

Sfenj, recette marocaine de beignets

Okay, let's get over it! It's your turn to cook Moroccan and honor Maghreb culture. Gather your relatives, get your most beautiful apron out and make these 5 easy Moroccan recipe which will please them for sure!


- Serge