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Last March, the news hit us like a syrup cane to the face: total lockdown. All non-essential businesses were closed. Even the sugar shacks. 😱

Not only did this news come at the very start of their peak season, but one year later, we’re still heading for a pandemic-tinged sugaring-off season. As a result of this challenging year, Quebec has lost a quarter of its sugar bushes (in French), and many others are still struggling. In the face of all this, the need to encourage our Quebec maple syrup producers is redoubling. To do so, you have two options:

  1. Have a meal delivered or ordered to bring to you from a local sugar shack. We’ve compiled a list of sugar shacks offering this gourmet service for your convenience. Ding-dong! The meal is ready. 😋
  2. Encourage local producers by directly buying maple syrup from them for home cooking. Some sugar shacks offer the option of ordering gallons online. You don’t have to leave the house to get the precious nectar to adorn your table! We’ve also put together a classic sugar shack menu for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Some sugar shacks that offer bring-your-own menus:

If your local hut isn’t on the list, don’t worry; one quick phone call, and they’ll undoubtedly be happy to talk you through the options available to encourage them.

If you opt to cook, here’s your perfect sugar shack menu at home:

A few years ago, we shared an article on sugar shack meals for rebels, recipes that are different and that make a change from the classics. But since we didn’t go to the sugar shack last year, the classics are back! Here are 7 authentic recipes to sweeten your springtime in your kitchen.

Start with classic maple syrup baked beans (in French).

Un grand plat de fèves au lard et au sirop d’érable style cabane à sucre.

It’s a classic recipe for both brunch and the sugar shack. These baked beans are rich enough to whet the appetite, so spread your best-checkered tablecloth on the table and start the feast!

Not the baked bean type? Opt for this classic, comforting pea soup (in French).

Un recette de soupe aux pois avec lard salé

I don’t have to tell you, homemade pea soup with salted bacon, just like our grandmothers used to make, is much better than canned soup!

Next, create your dream omelette based on this rustic sugar shack omelette recipe.

Une omelette rustique dans une poêle en fonte.

A fluffy omelette to which you can add whatever you like? You bet! Put all your favourite vegetables, like leeks and asparagus, and enjoy piping hot!

Suppose you’re looking for an omelette that’s a little more gourmet and much less stressful (the one presented here must be served within 3 minutes or risk deflating!). In that case, we suggest our prosciutto and maple caramelized leek omelettes recipe. A real delight!

Add this easy-to-make maple ham (in French).

Un gros jambon glacé à l’érable comme à la cabane à sucre.

It’s not a true sugar shack meal without maple ham. The preparation of this dish is a little time-consuming but absolutely worth it. However, if you’re more of a vegan, we’ve included a recipe for maple tofu (in French). Just in case. 😇

And don’t forget the sugar shack hash browns (in French).

Un accompagnement de patates rissolées faites maison.

The beauty of hash browns is that you can add the spices of your choice, and it’s still delicious. Thyme, rosemary, oregano, and basil are all good choices. Even Serge’s potato spice blend! Also, even if this recipe calls for only one garlic clove, don’t hesitate to add 2 or 3. You can measure the amount of garlic with your heart. ❤️

Finish on a high note with our famous sugar shack pancakes.

Crêpes frites de cabane à sucre à faire chez soi.

Here, we’re not talking about soft little pancakes but big, crispy ones cooked in oil—the real thing.

Did you think we’d forgotten grandfathers in maple syrup (in French)? NEVER.

Un bol de grands-pères dans le sirop d’érable.

In addition to being super fast to make, this gourmet dessert is impossible to miss.

If you bought 3 gallons of maple syrup, you probably still have some left, even with all that. We don’t blame you; maple syrup isn’t just delicious but surprisingly good for you (in French). You can use your leftover syrup at your next sweet brunch (in French) or in one of our maple recipes for your next meal.

And don’t forget to drown your plate in the syrup before you start feasting.

Sweeten your beak!