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What is seitan?

Are you allergic to gluten? This article isn’t for you because seitan is a vegetarian food made from gluten flour. Gluten is the protein found in wheat. Fortunately, it only triggers adverse reactions in about 1% of the population (celiacs, to whom we offer our TVP article instead 😇).

With 20% to 30% protein, rich in amino acids, low in fat and 0 cholesterol, seitan is a nutritional champion. The proof is that Weight Watchers has been including it for several years.

Invented in Asia, it is already a Chinese and Japanese cuisine staple. It can replace meat in many preparations. And unlike other vegetarian options, seitan is easy to make at home.

If you want to cook with seitan but don’t want to make it yourself

We've unearthed some recipes using store-bought seitan if you’re going veggie-potato (effortless vegetarian).

That’s right! As the vegetarian rows in the grocery store become more and more complete, we’re spoiled for choice. Prepared products such as seitan are invading the fridges in the produce aisle. Lightlife, Gardein and Gusta are good examples.

Otherwise, seitan is easily found in organic grocery stores and even in cane form in Asian supermarkets. In short, seitan is everywhere. You may even have eaten it without knowing it!

Recipes with store-bought seitan

If you want to make your homemade seitan

If you’re a vegan chef, here are your options for making your own seitan. First, you’ll need gluten-free flour. Fortunately, it’s available at Bulk Barn and in the organic section of most grocery stores.

Then, depending on the liquids you add to your recipe, you can make white (chicken-style) or dark (beef-style) seitan. You can play with spices and liquids to find the right combination.

You can also experiment with textures. For example, add chickpeas to the blender for a softer seitan. If you want a stringier seitan, you can knead it longer or let it rest.

Essential recipes for making your own seitan:

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