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Automn is a very unique time for many of us. Vacations are over, days shorten, coolness is back, we're coming back to school and work routine.

October is a fabulous time to renew with your alimentation, take stock of the festive season and reimmerse into your good habits. An equilibrated alimentation is the goal for many, but, how to translate this target into reality? Can we simply do it?

I suggest a simple methods, wich will let you analyze your own food habits. Your observations and findings will let you target actions to be undertaken wich will have a great effect on your health and energy level.

Actually, before analyzing what we set in our plate, lets start by analyzing the quantity we eat. If we eat too much foods, we get imbalanced, no matter if the fooding is healthy of not.

Hard to evaluate if you eat too much? Ask these questions yourself. Answer frankly, by taking time to carefully observe yourself. So, you'll be led to what's wrong.

  • Do you know your hunger signals?
  • When you sit at the table, are you hungry?
  • How do you do to judge when to stop eating?
  • While cooking do you take bites here and there?
  • Do you have tendencies to visit the refrigerator or pantry all night long?
  • Do you eat in front of the television? While working on the computer? In the car?
  • Do you systematically eat all foods in your plate?
  • After your meal, do you feel tired, heavy, stuffed?
  • Do you eat over frustration, bordoms, when you feel that emotions fill up the place?

If some questions describes ways you take your meals and feed yourself, it can be possible you're mising something important here. One's of your nutritional expert, your body.

In fact, the act of eating should goes by the understanding of body signals and when we master this art, we can take over the control of our weight and over the quantity of foods eaten. This art is called, attendence eating. It's the key for weight gestions and an important parts for an equilibrated alimentation.

For Automn, I challenge you to uniquely eat at meals time and snack time. Nothing, but absolutely nothing else than water outside of these very definite moments. Without television, magazine, book, computer, telephone or tablet... Sit well, with family or alone, eat while savouring foods you offer to your taste buds and body. Take time to chew food before swallowing. When you'll end your meal, wait some minutes and watch the signals and the intensity of these signals that your body shows you. Satiety, fullness, absence of sensation, craving to eat again, hunger?

be attentive and you'll learn about the traps, into which, day after day, you fall. A patern of behavior. After, with patience and attendance, you'll simply be able to slowly synchronize your signals and behaviors.

And so, "without efforts" you'll be led to an healthy gestion of weight and take another steps to an healthy feeding!

Have a nice meal!

Geneviève Arbour Dt.P
Nutritionist dietitian