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We don’t know about you, but we love spices! With BBQ season still in full swing, we’re sharing 11 ingredients that will spice up your burgers, placed in order according to your level of appreciation for your guests.

1. Seduce with Dijon, or spice up your romantic dinner


Un hamburger épicé romantique en forme de cœur accompagné de frites sur une planche en bois

Break out the red wine, slice your bun into a heart shape, and profess your love with that magic ingredient: Dijon mustard. What says “I love you” more than this duck and Dijon mustard burger? It's a recipe where strong mustard pairs perfectly with wild meat. Try adding grilled leeks. It’s sure to keep your significant other coming back for more!

2. Serge’s family-friendly burger seasoning


It’s not really an ingredient, but Serge recently shared his recipe for homemade hamburger seasoning. It's a winning combination that will leave no one cold.

3. Mayo sriracha to make your friends want to come back faster


We recommend spicy mayo if you still want to have friends over after dinner. Mix mayonnaise with sriracha sauce and add maple syrup drops to sweeten things up. It’s as simple as that 😉

4. If you want to be told, “That's so good!”

between 🌶️ and 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Un gros burger rempli d’ingrédients comme des tomates, de la salade, des oignons et de la salsa pour ajouter du piquant.

Are you familiar with the California burger? It’s a burger (sometimes chicken) with guacamole and... salsa! That way, you can choose your level of spiciness. From mild to spicy, salsa will liven up any dinner party.

5. For an effortless meal, opt for taco spices


Steak + an envelope of taco seasoning = done! Now, there’s a way to add spice directly to your meatballs without breaking the bank. Everyone will love it (but a mild one, anyway)!

6. Firebarns: your guests will take selfies with the bottle


Une bouteille de sauce Rhum et Chipotle Firebarns avec un chien dessus pour ajouter du piquant à vos burgers Source: Firebarns website

This smoky, slightly sweet Rum & Chipotle sauce will seduce spice lovers without burning them to a crisp. Leave the bottle on the table: it's not your fault if it’s too strong!

PS: It’s a product of Quebec and a cute one. 😍

7. Banana pepper rings to spice up burgers for those who show up unannounced.


Do you always get banana peppers in your six inches at Subway? Did you know you can buy them in jars at the grocery store? Pickled peppers keep in the fridge forever, so it’s easy to always have them on hand in case of unexpected visits (or guests who linger until dinnertime).

8. Turn up the heat with jalapeños


Raw or not, jalapeño peppers are sure to spice up your burgers. Remember that once grilled, jalapeños will have a milder flavour (depending on how quickly you want your guests to leave).

9. Harissa to see each other again soon


Harissa is a Tunisian pepper puree. We suggest this recipe for a Moroccan hamburger with cumin and harissa. We advise you to add only a tiny amount of this sauce to your dishes first to build tolerance. Alternatively, you can add more significant quantities to guests’ meals to avoid re-serving them.

10. Between friends and peace, choose the Sambal Oelek


Un petit pot de Sambal Oelek entouré de piments forts rouges pour ajouter du piquant à n’importe quel burger

Samba Oelek is a hot pepper paste of Indonesian origin. Extra spicy, this sauce can be bought in grocery stores and should be added to your dishes sparingly... Unless you want your friends to take care of all your next dinners. 😁

11. The secret Bollywood ingredient to forget your mother-in-law for at least two weeks


La pimenterie’s Bollywood sauce is sure to satisfy spicy lovers (or drive away the uninitiated). This Indian-inspired sauce is a delicious addition to burgers of all kinds, especially for your super-ultra-tasty special that will have your guests dancing all the way to the door!

Now that you know what to add to your burgers, it’s time to think about the sides. We suggest our orzo salad with asparagus and grilled chicken. Or this recipe for asparagus au gratin with garlic (in French) that we recently shared on Facebook😊

Enjoy your meal!