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Ah, the holiday season! I have so many fond memories of family Christmas dinners. We’d hit the road to catch up with family and friends over a sublime table filled with dishes cooked by each guest. Everyone had their specialty: meat pie, meatloaf, meatball stew, turkey, mashed potatoes and, of course, famous desserts!

At our house this year, it’s all in the family, just like in old times 😊. To mark the occasion, I thought I’d share a few anecdotes, holiday stories from home, and 8 Christmas desserts and cakes close to my heart. Let the magic of the holidays begin!

Raspberries mini-cheesecake

I’m starting my list of Christmas desserts and cakes with one of my favourite dessert recipes! These mini-cheesecakes are easy to make and great for sharing with the whole family. Everyone will be flipping over their cupcakes this Christmas. And since they freeze, nothing stops you from making more to have a delicious dessert anytime 😊.

Mini gâteaux au fromage avec coulis de framboises pour servir comme dessert à Noël

Blueberry pavé

When you love cheesecake like I do, you love it in all its forms! The one I’m proposing here as a Christmas dessert is a cobble with a crunchy pecan base, sweet cream cheese and whipped cream filling, topped with a stylish blueberry jam.

Pavé aux bleuets style gâteau au fromage pour servir en dessert à Noël

Strawberry tart

Every Christmas, I have the immense honour of savouring my paternal grandmother’s strawberry tart. A delicate, crisp pastry baked with finesse, topped with a sweet strawberry filling just right. And I have to tell you, her sugar and raisin tarts are also eagerly awaited at Christmas! The whole family eats them, and there’s rarely any left! In our house, everyone looks forward to pie time. As each guest arrives, it’s common to hear: “Grandmother, did you bring your pies?”

Recette de dessert de Noël : une tarte aux fraises avec un pâte croustillante et dorée

Traditional cream sugar (in French)

My paternal grandmother is an outstanding cook. Since I was a little boy, she’s been spoiling us at Christmas with her sublime pies and cream sugar recipe. From the first bite, you’re won over by the cream sugar’s texture, taste and tenderness. Just thinking about it makes me drool, and I can’t wait until Christmas to see my grandmother and enjoy her Christmas desserts.

Recette traditionnelle de dessert de Noël : le sucre à la crème

Berry pudding cake

There’s nothing more comforting at Christmas than a good fruit pudding! This one is the perfect blend of cake and pudding. It’s a great Christmas dessert. Especially with berries picked this summer at Les Cultures de chez nous and frozen! To accompany it, I recommend a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on your plate 😊.

Gâteau-pouding aux petits fruits pour servir en guise de dessert à Noël

Strawberry and chocolate cream tartlets

My grandmother is still the best at making Christmas desserts. Even her jello is simply perfect. However, this strawberry and chocolate cream tarts recipe uses Jello powder to make a fragrant whipped cream rather than the flavoured jelly we know so well!

Recette de tartelettes aux fraises et à la crème de chocolat comme dessert de Noël

Chocolate and strawberry pie

I love the pastry in this chocolate and strawberry pie for its light almond flavour. I think it’s an excellent match for the milk and dark chocolate filling. In my experience, a slice goes down so quickly!

Recette de dessert de Noël : une tarte au chocolat et à la fraise

Dried fruit and walnut cake (in French)

Ah, the dried fruit cake! I couldn’t pass up this classic Christmas dessert. There was a time when I still lived with my parents when my father would systematically bring home a store-bought fruit cake from the grocery store in early December. As a young leek, I wouldn’t say I liked this kind of cake. But with time, I learned to appreciate it. Now, I sometimes bake this dried fruit and walnut cake recipe. Its great taste brings back so many beautiful memories of my childhood. Every time I eat it, I think of my father and offer him a piece when we see each other 😊!

Gâteau classique pour Noël : le gâteau aux fruits séchés avec des noix sur le dessus

A time for celebration and good food

The holiday season is often when we see the family we don’t get to see often enough. It’s the perfect time to share good food, tell people you love them, and spend quality time together as a family. What if we did that all year round instead? In any case, I’ve been trying it for some time, and it’s satisfying!

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Happy eating, happy reading and happy holidays!


Serge le poireau dans une ambiance des Fêtes sur un gâteau de Noël