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Small budget, top shape!

The ending of summer leads to back to school and returns to routine. Over the vacation, over spendings! Eating healthy without break down your budget is possible. here are some strategy to adopt to save while still being top shape!

Plan, plan, plan

We never say enough, to make good savings, we need to plan. Without going into details, take time to build a list of 3 or 4 recipes that you will like to cook. Look over circular and inspire yourself with foods in sale to make a choice on the recipes you'll cook. Allergic to listing? Take pictures of your fridges, shelfs, chosen recipes and thats it! Let's go to the grocery store!

Une femme regarde dans son réfrigérateur, le regard perplexe

Eating less meat

Our planet, your body and your pocket will be pleased! Lessen your meat consumption is a good strategy to make savings. Take a look to plants to replace proteins : legume, quinoa, nuts and seeds. Eggs contains lots of proteins and are 25% less costy than chicken when we compares portions of same proteins. Also keeps for more time in the fridge, and are easy to prepare.

Légumineuses dans des sacs

Opt for scales savings

Here 2 infallible tips :

  1. Buy bigger portions which is most of the time more economical. Too much for you? Share the bills and portions with friends.
  2. Cook bigger recipes and froze the extra. This tips is unavoidable if you doesn't want to be taken to devoid. In no time, your frozen meals inventary gets diversified and its so great on an evening of great fatigue! We avoid to spend unusefully in restaurants or by chosing already made meals in grocery store.

Do exchanges

You live alone and doesn't want to eat 8 times a Shepherd's pie the same week? Hate frozen meals? Ask friends, family members or good neighbors to do exchanges. Share parts of recipes or vice versa. Here's a playful and economical way to diverse your menu.  

Une femme apporte un plat de nourriture à un homme âgé

Avoid " pre-sliced "

Precut vegetables and fruits is great to save times. But, its not a great way to do savings. You can do the trader work yourself in only 30 minutes, and your fruits and vegetables will be ready for the week.

Des mains coupent des légumes sur une planche de bois

Buy fruits and vegetables of the season

Eating cherries in winter can cost a lot! To eat fresh, enjoy foods of season. Look at calendrier du ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec (MAPAQ) to eat according to the seasons and save money.

Bonus : 2 recipes without meat for less than 1,50 $ by portion

Favorite mini budget, super healthy and go!

Here's 2 ideas of amazing recipes that re-invent classicals for less the price. Developt by a nutritionist, they haves the health seal and are practical for lunchs. Also without meat and cost less than 1,50 $ by portion.

UNAVOIDABLE for going back to school!