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Not much time to spend on cooking over weekdays evenings?  A croque-monsieur it,s always good, but today, we propose something else 😊 Here's 5 easy recipes which takes less than 25 minutes to prepare.

Leeks and prosciutto pastas

Miam, pastas, it's always delicious! We especially like this recipe for the slight salty prosciutto taste. the cream, a good nuts of butter, cheese... and of course, leeks!

Required time : 20 minutes

PĂątes aux poireaux et au prosciutto prĂȘtes en 20 minutes dans une sauce Ă  la crĂšme

Tofu sautéed with spicy maple spices

Of course, pastas isn't the only great weekday meal. A plate with rice is as good. And with maple spiced tofu, it's a perfect choice for a vegetarian dinner which will replenish everyone's appetites.

Required time : 20 minutes

SautĂ© de tofu Ă©picĂ© Ă  l’érable prĂȘt en 20 minutes accompagnĂ© de riz et lĂ©gumes

Spicy rice with sausage

Let,s stay in the spicy theme with rice and spicy sausages. Some could say it's a version of the Jambalaya rice, but, no matter what the name is, we still love it!

Required time : 25 minutes

Riz Ă  la saucisse Ă©picĂ©e prĂȘt en 25 minutes et aux lĂ©gumes dĂ©glacĂ©s au vin blanc

Chicken sauté with garlic and broccoli

Here's another plate to go with rice which catches our attention. If you made too much rice with the last two meals, it'll go remarkably well in this very plate!

Required time : 20 minutes

SautĂ© de poulet Ă  l’ail prĂȘt en 20 minutes avec accompagnement de brocoli et riz

Chicken escalope breaded with parmesan

Who doesn't already dream of having this plate in front of him? With delicious pasta with creamy sauce, tomato sauce or simply pastas with butter, salt and pepper, you'll have a fest worth of a king!

Required time : 20 minutes

Escalope de poulet panĂ© au parmesan prĂȘte en 20 minutes, accompagnĂ©e de pĂątes et sauce tomate

Bonus : 3 quick desserts in a cup

We couldn't finish without a dessert! Who said a dessert should always take lots of time to prepare? When you're making a dessert in a cup, it'll take less than 5 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to eat!

GĂąteau au chocolat et gĂąteau aux bananes chacun dans une tasse

At Crazy Leek, we love to give more😊 You're at the right place for more evening weekday's recipes. Bon appétit!