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Les lapins, poules et œufs en chocolat ont envahi votre maison? Pas de panique! Voici 5 recettes pour éviter de les avoir encore dans l’armoire à Pâques l’an prochain.

Chocolate and tofu mousse

Delicious, this chocolate mousse will be an excellent sources of proteins thanks to tofu. Yes, you read well, tofu in a chocolate mousse! All great chocolate taste but with a lil' plus! You just have to melt the chocolate in a bain-marie, diced tofu, a bit of greek yogurt, vanilla and hop! in the mixer! It'll make the preparation smooth and unctuous for a real delice to enjoy.

Verrine de mousse au chocolat avec tofu

THE famous chocolate fondue 

No more traditional chocolate fondue! Instead of soaking fruits into chocolate, spread fruits over parchment paper at the center of the table and pour chocolate fondue all over. In addition to be incredibly pretty, it's also delicious and everyone can eat what they want. And why not adding some parts of rolled crepes?

Fondue au chocolat avec des fruits sur une table
Crédit : Marie-Christine Godbout

Bananas and chocolate bread

A babana bread, it's perfect for a snack or a lil craving and it's always good. By adding few pieces of Easter chocolates, we'll obtain chocolated surprises in each bites!

Pain aux bananes avec morceaux de chocolat

Chocolate glazed bananas

Kids will love this icy dessert. The most difficult part will be to wait until bananas are frozen before soaking in chocolate!

Bananes glacées trempées dans le chocolat et garnies d’arachides

Froze chocolate leftovers to make cookies later on

If the young man in Joe Dassin's " Le petit pain au chocolat " had made few surplus, he wouldn't had to buy his infamous little bread each morning. To have chocolate under the hand for your next desserts, don,t hesitate to froze some of it! Even if the chocolate will lose it's good visual, cookies and muffins will still be even more delicious!

Biscuits avec morceaux de chocolat