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Summery heat is heavy and the air blowed by a fan isn't enough to keep you cool enough .. what could be better than a good ice cream to keep you cool just with few bites 🍦 But here, you can't keep eating only neapolitan ice cream : strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. Here our 5 funky ice cream recipe  to try out at least 1 time this summer!

Corn ice cream recipe

Corn is really polyalent. In addition to being the king of corn roast, it can be eat in many different ways : we can roast it, add to cream in a soup or even add in a classical shepherd's pie. And since it has this amazing sweety taste, it's surprising how perfect it is to try in this homemade ice cream! And why not garnishing with a bit of  caramel popcorn to be completement corn-ful! 🌽

Recette originale de crème glacée au maïs avec popcorn au caramel

Carrots homemade ice cream

Here's a funky ice cream recipe which gives another good reasons to support the movement J'aime les fruits et légumes🥕 We love it for its color and taste, but also because kids will eat vegetables without being aware of it 😉 Even adults will ask for more! Plus, this ice cream recipe allows to use carrots leftovers to be even more zero waste... there's only benefits to eat sweets like this with this carrots ice cream recipe!

Recette funky de crème glacée aux carottes pour se rafraîchir en mangeant des légumes

Purple yam (ube) or sweet potato ice cream recipe

The purple yam, also known as purple ube, looks a lot like the sweet potato, except for its color! Take a look at asian grocery store if you can't find this root vegetable at your local grocery store. Its taste is light and could feels like eating white chocolate in your mouth. Thanks to the purple yam, you'll get and flashy purple ice cream withouit adding any artificial colouring! No ube? Replace it with sweet potato, it'll be delicious for sure!

Recette originale de crème glacée à l’igname pourpre (ube) ou à la patate douce

Basil and lemon ice cream

We found the perfect ice cream recipe to be served as an ice cream sandwich. Taste of lemon will make you think about that lemonade we used to drink in summer when it was really hot and basil bring a good perfum to this ice cream. We also suggest to make a bigger amount of basil syrup, because it's delicious in almost every recipe! 🍋

Crème glacée inusitée au basilic et au citron

Avocados, lime and pistachios ice cream recipe

Finally, we're showing you a very simple gluten free, vegan and dairy free ice cream recipe. You must know that it's not only delicious, it's also very good for your health with good fats and foods fibers which pistachios and avocados provides. And we souldn't forget that avocados and coconut milk makes ice cream so smooth and creamy that you won't be able to resist all summer long!🥑

Crème glacée aux avocats, à la lime et aux pistaches sans produits laitiers

Want more fresh recipes? Great, because we have mini-pops, mousses, verrines or even sorbets for all taste to spend a beautiful sunny summer... it's the right time to enjoy it all out! ☀️