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The "fake sugar"

It taste like sugar but without calories. Amazing! some could say. Sadly, since they don't produce the same soothing effect than normal sugar, our body ask then for more and more... Results : insatiable cravings for sugar which leads in a bigger gain of weigh.

Proscribe ever junk foods.

Junk foods are lacking in nutrients, but keep  all pleasants flavours and textures. Candies, fried food, and chips are some good exemples. To take the initiative to eat no more junk food will provoque a cognitive restriction; "I will no more eat chips, because when I eat it I gain weigh". This state leads frustrations and will inevitably provoque an episode of letting go and feelings of losing control. The calories then consumed are gargantuan and void all previous efforts to prohibitions.

Then what is the behavior to adopt? Avoid any restrcitions. No need to eat the entire package of chips when you can continue it an other day.

Eat on the package or receptacle.

If there's 4 packages of 100 kcal and 1 package of 400 kcal, there is more chance that you will end the bigger package than the total of the smaller ones. When foods are showed in smaller packages, people realize more the sensation of being full and identify adequatly how much they should consume.

Salted food.

Generally, more the foods are salted, more it gets hard to content yourself and your body with this much quantity. So, since salt gives thirst, the quantity of liquid consumed increase. Most of the time, liquids consumed won't be water... Consquently quantity of calories increase as well.

Small additions

Small additions are ingredients that we add to enhance flavours of meals. Garnish bread with butter, add to steamed vegetables, spread margarine on bread before adding pinut butter, add sugar and cream in coffee, add sugar breakfast cereals, or even more, add oil in a anti-adhesive coating pan are all great exemples of these small additions. 

All these small additions, as small as it seems adding to each other, are sometimes causes for this slow but constant over the years gain of weigh. 

For exemple, Luc drink 3 coffee a day, 2 in the morning and 1 after the afternoon break. He add 1 milk and 1 sugar in his coffee. At breakfast, he makes 2 toast with margarine and pinut butter. Worried about his health, he makes sure to eat vegetables for dinner and supper. For lunchs, he eats remainings from the day before. To preserves as much vitamins and minerals, he lightly cook vegetables with margarine. When its time to serves, he seasons it with salt, pepper and a nuts of butter. All smalls additions of Luc represent aproximatively : 240 kcal daily. (3 sugar, 20 ml of margarine split between toast and vegetables).

If Luc wants to lose weigh, keeping out all these smalls additions could make him lose as much as 1 to 2 lbs by month.