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I enjoy travelling. I was planning my next destination when the infamous coronavirus arrived. Result: forget about visiting Austria; I’m staying in Quebec! Rather than write you an article about the Austrian food I didn’t get to try, I’ve decided to introduce you to some of the restaurants I’ve been lucky enough to try on my Quebec road trips over the years.

We’re off on a culinary road trip across Quebec!

Where to eat in Bas-Saint-Laurent

L’Amuse-Bouche in Kamouraska

On your way to Gaspésie? When you’re on a road trip to Quebec, you have to stop somewhere to eat. Here’s L’Amuse-Bouche in the heart of the Lower St. Lawrence. Imagine sharing delicious tapas with a splendid view of the St. Lawrence River. I find it relaxing!

Address: 6 Chassé Avenue, Kamouraska (Québec) G0L 1M0

Chez St-Pierre in Rimouski

Chez St-Pierre is Colombe St-Pierre’s restaurant, where local products are given pride of place. The menu changes according to the season and what’s available. That’s the fun of this kind of restaurant: you discover new dishes every time you go!

Address: 129 du Mont Saint-Louis Street, Rimouski (Québec) G0L 1B0

Tapas de fruits de mer à essayer dans un restaurant du Bas-Saint-Laurent

Where to eat in the Capitale-Nationale

Bistro sous le Fort in Quebec City

Right in the heart of Old Quebec, you’ll be delighted by the restaurant’s decor and, of course, the food. I had a leek, goat cheese and pistachio quiche when I went. What can I say, a leek like me, I’m a sucker for leeks!

I’d also recommend the red Griffononion soup, au gratin with cheese. As I love cheese as much as leeks, you can understand why I was over the moon 😉

Address: 48 Sous-le-Fort Street, Québec (Québec) G1K 4G8

Les Trois Garçons in Quebec City

In Old Quebec, it’s not just the Château Frontenac that’s worth a visit. For the best burgers in town, head straight for Les Trois Garçons. A good burger with good fries and your choice of homemade mayonnaise: traditional, curry, maple-rosemary or chipotle. Whenever I go there, I hesitate between the Végé à Julien burger with succulent chickpea patty or the Club burger with roasted chicken breast and artisan bacon.

Address: 1084 Saint-Jean Street, Québec (Québec) G1R 1S4

Burger de poulet avec frites à manger dans un restaurant de Québec

Where to eat in Mauricie

À la Fût microbrewery in Saint-Tite

I love good food, and I also love good beer! I’m always up for a microbrewery that combines the two! I’ll admit I’m partial to the Blonde de St-Tite, accompanied by the Truite N’Chips. Two must-tries!

Address: 670 Notre-Dame Street, Saint-Tite (Québec) G0X 3H0

Poivre Noir in Trois-Rivières

At Poivre Noir, the plates are beautiful, and they’re good! Moreover, the terrace offers a perfect view of the St. Lawrence River. It’s a winner for those who like to eat by the water! My favourite dish when I went was the grilled octopus... a delight!

Address: 1300 du Fleuve Street, Trois-Rivières (Québec) G9A 5Z3

Plat de fish 'n chips à essayer dans un resto en Mauricie

Where to eat in Estrie

Brasserie Lac Brompton in Saint-Denis-de-Brompton

When I think of a brasserie, I imagine generous plates accompanied by a beer or a good bottle of wine. So I loved Brasserie Lac Brompton for the food, but I’ll be returning to enjoy a good supper on the outdoor terrace with a magnificent view of... Lake Brompton! The place was aptly named 😉.

Address: 310 Côte de l’Artiste, Saint-Denis-de-Brompton (Québec) J0B 2P0

Le Snack in Sherbrooke

Sherbrooke and poutine have had a love affair since the “40s... especially with the three Louis Restaurants: the one in the east, the one in the west and the one downtown. Of course, all three are on King Street, the main street, as they say!

But the place I want you to discover is just incredible. There are tons of different kinds of poutine. If you like it spicy, get the Red Hot. If you like it even spicier, try La super-Red Hot. If you like it funky, go for the Dalton, with its onion rings, ground beef, pickles, lettuce and homemade mayo. Whatever your taste, there’s a poutine waiting for you.

Address: 146 Wellington North Street, Sherbrooke (Québec) J1H 5C5

Plusieurs sortes de poutines à déguster en visite en Estrie

Where to eat in Montreal

Punjab Palace in the Parc-Extension district

This isn’t the first time I’ve been to this Montreal Indian restaurant, and it certainly won’t be the last, either! The food reminds me so much of my trip to India. It’s not confusing; when I eat in this restaurant, I feel like I’m in India and eating local food. If you go, I recommend the butter chicken, the Palak Paneer and the Dal Masala. All served with naan bread and basmati rice!

By the way, don’t forget to bring your wine 🍷.

Address: 920 Jean-Talon Street West, Montreal, Quebec H3N 1S6

Lola Rosa in the Plateau-Mont-Royal district

I once went to a music show and sought parking near the venue. If you know anything about Montreal, you know that parking isn’t always easy! I found a spot (a free one) entirely by chance, right in front of the Lola Rosa.

You’ll fall head over heels for the excellent menu if you're a vegetarian. You won't eat meat if you’re more of a carnivore, but I guarantee you’ll eat well and forget about your steak for a while!

Address: 545 Milton Street, Montreal, Quebec H2X 1W5

Restaurant à essayer à Montréal : Punjab Palace pour manger de la nourriture indienne

Where to eat in Montérégie

Le Mista in Beloeil

I could eat pasta every day; I love it so much. And let me tell you, the pasta carbonara at Mista is delicious! Everything there is good. Want to know where to eat when you’re in Montérégie? Don’t ask yourself too many questions. That’s where you stop!

Address: 955 Laurier Street, Beloeil, Quebec J3G 4K8

Bistro des Bières Belges in Saint-Hubert

A beer list with over 115 types of imported beer: now that’s what I call choice! As for the meal, go ahead with the mussels... no fewer than 14 variations. The Hercule Poireaux mussels have white wine, bacon, leeks and cream—one of my favourite ingredients. I bet you recognize it 😉

Address: 2088 Montcalm Street, Saint-Hubert, Quebec J4T 2E2

Plat de moules dans un restaurant en Montérégie

Where to eat in Centre-du-Québec

I couldn’t end my article without giving you the restaurants to try in Centre-du-Québec. I realize that Centre-du-Québec is a lot bigger than just Drummondville. But since I’ve been a local leek for a few years, I’m a bit sold on Drummondville!

Capiche in Drummondville

As you discovered in Montérégie, I love pasta! I love trying new dishes on a road trip. Except that at Capiche, pasta carbonara is quite an experience. It’s prepared in a giant wheel of Parmesan, and the chef scrapes the cheese. I love pasta, and I love cheese. Do you see what I’m getting at? It looks good, smells good and tastes good!

Address: 192 Brock Street, Drummondville, Quebec J2C 1M3

Steforno in Drummondville

Fans of Italian dishes are in for a real treat when finding a restaurant for dinner in Centre-du-Québec. Steforno makes pizza in a wood-fired oven. For me, that makes all the difference! It’s hard to give you my favourites; they’re all good. Let your taste buds tempt you!

Address: 514 Lindsay Street, Drummondville, Quebec J2B 1H4

Restaurant à Drummondville avec pizza cuite dans un four à bois

Of course, there are plenty of other great places to eat in Quebec. I haven’t had the chance to visit all of Quebec yet. I’d have to become a food critic to cross the entire province and try every restaurant at least once 😉

But I also love to cook. Homemade food is rewarding to make and tastes even better! I often get ideas from the Crazy Leeks blog. As someone who loves pasta, I’ve been spoiled with the 30 best pasta recipes!

If you don’t feel like cooking at any moment or don’t have a kitchen in your hotel room during your road trip, you already have a list of 14 restaurants to eat at in Quebec!

I wish you many culinary discoveries in Quebec!