Pumpkin and mussels soup

Author: Les Cultures de chez nous
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Preparation 30
Baking 30
Portions 6
Freezing No


  • 1,25 liter (5 cups) of concentrated chicken broth
  • 1 package of 250 gr (3 cups) of Les Cultures de chez nous sliced leeks
  • 125 ml (1/2 cup) of parsnip
  • 125 ml (1/2 cup) of diced carrots
  • 625 ml (2 1/2 cups) of pumpkin, steamed and reduced into puree
  • 5 ml (1 teaspoon) of thyme
  • Salt and pepper up to taste
  • 125 ml (1/2 cup) of milk
  • 24 steamed and shelled mussels
  • Finely chopped fresh chive (optional)
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  • In a casserole, with a mixture of butter and oil, brown at low heat Les Cultures de chez nous sliced leeks, parsnip and carrots for 10 minutes. Add ingredients left except milk and mussels then bring to a boil. Lower heat, cover and simmer 10 minutes.
  • Reduce soup into puree with a mixer and set back in the casserole. Add milk and heat up bisque without boiling.
  • When serving, add 4 to 6 cooked mussels per plates and garnish with chive.

Chef's notes