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You won't learn anything new if I say you need to eat vegetables. In your childhood, a great number of us were in the obligation to eat vegetables at meal time... if not... no desserts! But why our mother was so insistent? Today again, it's all about vegetables and still... we still have difficulties to eat enough of it on a daily basis. Why???

Of course, I have my own idea on that case! I'll explain. Foods more attractive for taste buds are more oftens rich in fats, salt or sugars. Volatile fat acids are responsible for that pleasant scent of a food when cooked which multiply flavours. Salt stimulate our taste buds which ask for more and more. Who could be able to eat chips withouty seeing bottoms of the package??? There's also sugar which plays on the balance of some neurotransmitter in the brain and could stimulate our temptation towards this instant gratification. Since vegetables are low in fats, salt and sugars, this is probably why it's so unpopular with some of us!

If we consider that large number of quebequers suffers from chrinicals illness (high blood pressure, diabete, cardiovascular disease, obesity) and almost half of us suffers from weight surplus, vegetbales are a priority on the nutritional plan. In fact, else than it's interesting intake of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals compounds, vegetables haves low energitic density and a good quantity of fibers. So it's an efficient way to control our appetite and fulfill ourself with energy of a great quality.

In previous article, I suggested to listen to craving and satiety signals for an healthy weight management. I continue on that way by adding this new notion, one of energitic density. The body use many feedback mechanism to stimulate us to eat or to stop eating. Without getting into details, vegetables contains few calories per volume. When we increase volume of foods in stomach, some feedback mechanism activate and soothes hunger. Plus, since vegetables are rich in fibers, digestion is slowed. When digestion time is elongate, the stiety sensation stays longer.


Vegetables, it's one stone 3 shots! Enjoy each bite, start your meal with a large glass of water followed by vegetables, fruits, then, rest of the meal. So, satiety will come sooner than expected and naturaly limit the quantity of foods which contains more calories per volume.

The tips ; deny nothing BUT... use strategies which will allow to enjoy everything, in good proportion, completely satiated.

Have a nice meal!