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A hot dog is a summer party, a campfire, a quick lunch in a remote canteen on the way to the cottage, or a quick meal when you don’t feel like cooking. The hot dog is the emblem of the BBQ (along with the burger, of course).

In my article, I take you to the next level of hot dogs: vegetarians. But the next level doesn’t mean it will be complicated; on the contrary! These recipes are simple, tasty, delicious, wonderful, exquisite and all the other possible adjectives for good food.

Break out the buns; veggie hot dogs are on the way 🌭!

Vegetarian hot dog with mushrooms (in French)

There’s nothing more compelling to the senses than the smell of mushrooms gently cooking in butter or oil. In any case, I love it! I can’t resist a veggie hot dog with mushrooms on the side as a mushroom lover. With feta cheese on top (which reminds me of my trip to Greece (in French)), it’s a no-brainer!

Hot-dog végétarien aux champignons grillés

Vegan tofu hot dog with a taste of real hot dog sausage

I’ve already told you how I made Jean-Philippe’s recipe for ribs-style tempeh on my own when I featured it in my top 10 foodies. I love the recipe so much that I had no choice but to tell you about it again.

I simply replace the tempeh with tofu. You think tofu tastes like shit? Wait until you try this veggie hot dog. The tofu cooks right in the sauce, and that’s the magic! With a well-buttered bun toasted on the BBQ or toasted in the pan, it’s worth it, I swear! Then add some coleslaw. It’s just perfect in the mouth 🤤.

Hot-dog végé de tofu qui goûte la vraie saucisse à la viande

Hot dog with veggie sausage made with TVP (in French)

TVP is Textured Vegetable Protein. It’s an easy replacement for ground meat in any vegan recipe, costs a fraction of the price of meat and can be bought in bulk.

I started incorporating TVP into my diet recently because eating less meat is good for the environment, your health and your wallet 😉. Plus, it’s fun to test new ingredients.

So, back to the TVP hot dog. Are you more of a relish-mustard or ketchup-mayo kind of hot dog? I’m more of a ketchup-mayo guy, but I must admit I’m also partial to the Big Mac sauce that the Montreal Vegetarian Association suggests in their recipe!

Hot-dog végé avec une saucisse à base de protéine végétale texturée (PVT)

Veggie hot dog with carrot sausage (in French)

Loounie, another wonderful person in my top 10 foodies to follow on the web, has a really cool vegetarian hot dog recipe because it’s a carrot instead of the traditional sausage 🥕.

Hubert Cormier, another person I adore, also has his recipe for carrot-dog as a veggie-hot dog. It tastes INCREDIBLE!

I invite you to test the two recipes to find out which one you like best. I haven’t managed to choose my favourite yet 🤔.

Hot-dog végé avec une carotte qui remplace la saucisse à la viande

Hot dog au gratin with chickpeas and caramelized onions (in French)

I’m a big fan of cheese, so if you suggest anything, au gratin and you win me over! In the recipe for veggie hot dog au gratin, Marilou uses onions, and it’s just right. Try it with caramelized leeks. It makes a nice difference. I’m preaching to the choir here 😄.

Making the caramelized leeks is simple. This is the first step in preparing linguine with caramelized leeks. No more complicated than that!

Hot-dog végé aux pois chiches et aux oignons caramélisés

It makes you hungry, doesn’t it? And any good hot dog, veggie or not, obviously comes with good fries. That’s perfect because I’ve just given you my recipe for potatoes with Golden Beach homemade spices 😉. With a glass of white wine, red wine, beer or whatever you feel like drinking, you’ll have a great meal that’s a winner all the way around!

Do you like it when I talk to you about food? Keep discovering all my favourites in my blog. And for more vegan recipes you absolutely must try, my Crazy Leeks chums are here for you 😊.

On that note, good hot dogs, my friend!