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Want to boycott stores this Christmas? The crazy race against the clock and the fear of giving your sister something she already has?

We have exactly the "do-it-yourself" gifts ideas you're looking for. Easy to make, unique and less than $10 each, they are as much fun to give as to receive. The perfect way to go back to the good old-fashioned Christmas spirit!

Gift in Jars: Cookies, Recipes and More!

Biscuits dans un bocal en cadeau

Jar gifts are so practical since they can be beautifully decorated and also because they can be made to fit to every type of person:

  • Die-hard foodie? Dry ingredients for cookies or soups and great. With a preparation label, so chic!
  • Less of a foodie but still gourmet? A jar filled with spicy sauces, salsa and microbrewery beers.
  • Still undecided? A mix of everything she likes in a jar. (Perfect to give inexpensive little items that are still appreciated!)
  • Beauty fan? Add a few of her favorite products.

Salty Candy and Spicy Popcorn

Bonbons aux poireaux et au fromageÉpices à maïs soufflé en cadeau

Here's a welcome break from Christmas sugar that is sure to please:

Slippers, Scarves, Mittens & co.

Tuque et mitaines faits à la main

The perfect gift from an artist to someone who is always cold: knitwear and other warm handmade clothing. You can't knit? We found a tutorial on how to knit a scarf in 30 minutes with only your hands!

Handmade Body Exfoliants and Bath Bomb

Bombes pour le bain faites à la mainBombes pour le bain faites à la main

Did you know you could easily make exfoliants and bath bombs? It's the perfect gift for your relatives and yourself. You can make them fragrance-free or to suit a person's taste.

For Kids: Playing & Privilege Cards

Children can have fun with anything, so they are the perfect candidates for hand-made gifts! Draw and make special cards they can 'spend' for things like:

  • A camp-out in the living room
  • Family picnic
  • Water gun war
  • Ice cream
  • Etc.!

Ready to make people happy this year? Get out your tools, pencils, pots & pans!