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Myths represent beliefs, mostly perspicacious, which are oftens conveyed in the society and use to justify a behavior. In nutrition field, myths overflows! In these myths, myths about breakfast are well anchored in our collective belief.

Unbolt tow great myths about breakfast.

  1. Skipping breakfast make lose weight.
  2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

The true question is the following: What role play breakfast about maintaining weight and a healthy body?

When analyzing scientifical litterary magazines about the subject, the conclusion is people which regularly eat breakfast would maintain more an healthy weight and this, as much for child, teenagers or even adults. Interesthing facts, we observes that consumer of breakfast tends to have an higher daily numbers of calories. It doesn't seems to have any associations of causes and effects between breakfast and an healthy weight. In fact, eating regularly breakfast would go in pair with a regular rythm of alimenttion, frequent practice of physical activities, nutritious foods choices, stable contribution in calories and absence of snack.

So in general, people eating breakfast probably worries about adopting healthy lifestyle habits and so, would maintain more easily an healthy weight. They woul chose more frequently nutritious foods, eat more and move even more. In opposition, it would be wrong to say that people who don't eat breakfast would be fat, gain more weight or aren't enough active.

So what should we think about? Follow your own rythm. When you feel hungry in the morning, eat. Your body is sending you signals of need in energy. If you're not hungry in the morning, but later on hunger strikes, take times to plan a breakfast to bring for work or school. This way, you'll avoid feeling too much any physical signals of hunger which could cause you unpleasantness. When hunger gets more intense, would could have a strong down of energy, a headache or even eat too much for dinner which will lead you to feel way too tired in the afternoon. Make judicious choices, and opt more oftenly for nutritious foods and respect your satiety.

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