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Small fruits season call out summer, school vacation and dinner on the terrasse. Making jam, beautiful days collecting fruits and tasty desserts, these berries honor this beautiful season. Guilty pleasure or healthy decadence? Some myths are well rooted in popular belief. Here the truth about some of them.

We should eat fruit with an empty stomach or at least an hour before your next meal.

Fruits are excellent foods. But, the moment we eat it doesn't matter. There is no scientifical proof that digestive enzymes necessary for meat digestion and ones for fruits digestion a less effective when secreted at the same time. Plus, the combinason of fruits sugar and a source of protein is satiating. So eating as a snack a bowl of strawberries with few walnuts will slow digestion of your snack and favorise satiety.

People affected by diverticulosis should avoid strawberries and raspberries.

The diverticular disease is associated to the formation of small pockets inside the intestines. Foods can accumulate and provoke an infection. We call this infectuous stage : diverticulitis. At this moment, it's advisable to limit foods fibers and fruits, nuts and seeds made with small particles which could get to the diverticulum and worsen diverticulisis. But, at a slowl taste, the best way to prevent another crisis is too eat many product with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Drink lots of water and do physical activity. So strawberries and raspberries aren't to proscribe but more to integrate to a feeding rich in fibers.

Diabetics should avoid fruits since it's too sugary.

Diabetics just like non diabetics needs carbohydrates (sugar) to feed their brain. Diabetics and people which aren't suffering of this illness should eat 5 to 10 fruits and vegetables portions per day. But, diabetics are going learn to dose carbohydrates (sugar) quantity per meals and ensure to eat snacks that contains both carbohydrates and proteins to stabilize their blood sugar levels.

Frozen small fruits aren't nutritious

Collected at full maturityand frozen few hours after collected, small fruits keeps its vitamins, minerals and its phytochemicals compounds. Since ice crystal formation on fruits, when frozen, break its cellular structure, it tends to be less firm when thawed. But, it doesn't change its nutritious value.

Small fruits doesn't contains much calories

Quebec small fruits; strawberries, raspberries and blueberries contains few calories per volume. So, we can enjoy these little sweets without guilt! Let's compare calories content of small fruits to other fruits we can find into grocery stores.



Nutritious value

Small fruits


 1 cup

50 kcal


1 cup

69 kcal


1 cup

82 kcal

Other fruits


1 fruit 20 cm long

121 kcal


1 fruit

121 kcal


1 fruit 8 cm diameter

110 kcal