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  1. Are asparagus harvested in spring or summer?
  2. Is asparagus part of the botanical family of liliaceae (leek, garlic and onion) or the botanical family of umbellifer (carrots, fenel, parnship, celery root)?
  3. Should we peel asparagus before cooking?
  4. Asparagus, just like peppers, can be of different colors. Can you name the differents varieties present in Quebec's groceries stores?
  5. Asparags are rich in vitamins and minerals, according to you, does it also contains iron, calcium or phosphorus?
  6. In your own opinion, asparagus contains more A vitamin or C vitamin?
  7. A portion of 6 asparagus tips gives 2 or 4 gr of fibers?
  8. According to you, which cooking methods is favorable for asparagus?


Did you know:

Asparagus gives a unique sent to the urine? Asparagus acid and asparagine contained in the asparagus are metabolized into odoriferous sulfur compounds. Those odorous substances can be found in the urine 15 minutes after eating asparagus. However, some studies mention that a part of the population isn't able to metabolize asparagine and asparagus acid into odoriferous sulfur compounds. This explain why few people don,t notice this peculiar sent after eating a meal which had asparagus in it.



Answers :

1. Spring 2. Liliaceae 3. It is favorable to peel asparagus up until 4 cm under the bud. Also, you have to slice woody parts. 4. White, green and purple. 5. Iron.  6. A vitamin.  7. 2 g of fibers/6 stems.  8. A short steam cooking to keep its color and fineness.