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We're happy to present our file "NoGlu" which means, gluten free. We propose 6 recipes "noglu" you'll sure enjoy! Adapted with a selection of our favorite leeks recipes, our gluten free version are nourishing and will let you find out about new ingredients.

Gluten free alimentation knows a great popularity. Books about benefits of gluten free foods are sold like hot rolls and many hollywood artistes are great fans of it. It's actually so "in" that Paris opened its first high gastronomy restaurant called "NoGlu".

Some do it to decrease their chronic dolors related to arthritic troubles, some other to soothe symptoms of foods intolerance, to lose weight or to generally ameliorate their health. Some are forced for their entire life, since gluten free diet is, up until now, the only treatment against celiac disease.

Gluten is made of two proteins, gliadin and glutein. It's responsible for the soft and airy texture of products from the bakery. In the celiac disease case, removal of gluten is the only remedy. The celiac disease also called gluten enteropathy, gluten allergy or gluten intolerance, is an inflammatory chronic disease of the immune system which attack the small bowel membrane. People who haves the celiac disease present many symptoms like anemia, tiredness, rash (dermatitis herpetiformis), osteoporosis and many more.

Plus, few persons which suffer from irritable bowel syndrome are sensible to gluten or to wheat starches. These people don't have gene associated to the celiac disease and serological test will be negative. But, these people will see amelioration to their symptoms with a gluten free diet.

However, there's no firm scientifical consensus that will suggest that chronic dolors can be ameliorated by a gluten free alimentation and that this one provoke lost of weight or amelioration of health.

In fact, studies shows that 82% of poeple affected with a weight surplus or with obesity which start a gluten free diet, will gain weight in the year following the begening of the diet. Why? This explain in fact that generally, gluten free food is richer in concentrated sugar, fats and energy. Plus, risk of nutritional dificiency are higher.

Doing an equilibrate gluten free diet needs knowledge, skills and planning.

Few numbers of studies took a look at benefits of a gluten free alimentation for diverse pathology like dermatitis herpetiformis, irritable bowel syndrome, ataxia, rheumatoid arthritis, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and psoriasis. From these studies, here's what we can conclude up to today.

  • For dermatitis herpetiformis, it's wihout any doubt that the guten free diet is prescribed.
  • As for the irritable bowel syndrome and ataxia, gluten free diet could have benefits for few case.
  • For  rheumatoid arthritis, some people could see amelioration to their symptoms with a vegetarian and gluten free diet but with these studies, it's impossible to differentiate the role of the vegetarian and gluten free diet with the symptoms. Therefore, the gluten role sole for the amelioration of symptoms wasn't demonstrated.
  • In autism, data ar still not sufficient enough to make recommendation to parents with autistic children.
  • No studies were done to evaluate gluten free diet with people with a ADHD without diagnosis of the celiac disease or gluten sensibilty. Studies were done only with people with a ADHD and celiac disease or gluten sensibility.
  • As for  psoriasis, studies are contradictory and other studies should be done to set recommendation.

On the other side, it's true that for most of quebecers, cereals products are about wheat bread, pastas made of wheat, breakfast wheat cereals. Wheat, wheat and again wheat. Like variety is an unavoidable advantage, we could believe that lack of foods variety could limit our chance to get nutrients necessary for a maximum immune potential.

And so, for ones which aren't in the obligation to do it, variate cereals sources and adopt sometimes gluten free recipes, open outlook and allows to discover new foods.

If you opt for an exclusive gluten free alimentation or just wish to reduce wheat to find out new alternative, it's wise to avoid as much as possible gluten free pre-made proucts like cookies, muffins, snack bars... These are gluten free but also rich in lipids, concentrated sugars and has poor nutritious value. Instead of helping out your health it's going to have a contrary effect. I suggest to favorise foods based with not pre-made foods, like fruits, vegetables, seeds, gluten free cereals and flours, milk and milk substitute, legumes, nuts, grains, fishes, poultry, meats and gluten free oils. And dare cooking! For any doubt, consult a nutritionist dietitian which will know how to help you out.

Note. Recipes we present are gluten free, but, choices of foods when shopping like garnishing, broths and spices should be done wisely to avoid any gluten, So, I suggest to take a look t these website which are trustworthy sources to help find out ingredient and foods which may contains gluten . et