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– Mom, dad, what do we eat for dinner?

  1. Filet mignon spread with bordelaise sauce (if that's the case, felicitations)
  2. Yesterday's rice, from the day before and before (probably)
  3. Whatever you want from these 5 nutrients canned meals (bingo!)

To feed your family on hurried nights of the week, nothings better than cans. With our 5 ideas of nutrients recipe for canning, you'll have more than one option for your kids!

Step one : sterilize for safe canning

The most important elements for cannings is the sterilization of pots : adapt your methods differing on the food to avoid proliferation of bacterias potentially deadly (botulism). For "acid" food (tomato sauces, jams, fruits and eggs), you can boil the pots in a cauldron. For meats, vegetables and soups, the only safe methods is the autoclave sterilization. Once everything's safe, let's cook!

Healthy spaghetti sauce

Sauce à spaghetti à la viande, aux oignons et aux poireaux

The famous sauce, an unavoidable last minute recipe! This recipe is also a good way to add proteins and fibers to your plates, quickly.

Leeks marinade

Marinade aux poireaux

Marinade can make a big difference for meats! Enjoy canning to prepare a variety of recipes that you can afterthat enjoy for your cravings. Tempt yourself with 4 other of our marinades.

Leeks soup

Marinade aux poireaux

Our traditional leeks soup recipe is so good, for its taste just like health, that we absolutly shouldn't deprive ourselves to can it!

Barley, green vegetables and chicken stew

Ragoût d’orge, de légumes verts et de poulet

Here's a recipe of vitamined stew with white meats : chicken, barley, spinachs and asparagus. A true delight!

Onions and blueberries jam

Confiture aux oignons et bleuets

Nothings better than this recipe of fruits and vegetables mariage to change from traditional commercial jams. Enjoy canning to froze many recipes of jams and surprise your family with a breakfast with a new combination each months.

Have a nice canning and good canned meals!