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Every reasons are good to do a great summer 5 to 7! The pool, BBQ and sun... all essential ingredients to have fun in good company! Here few tips for a successful night!

Who to put on our guestlist?

First of all, we have to think about who we want to invite. Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors? Maybe grand-mother with your moto-club friends aren't a good match. Be careful to chose wisely. If it's an adult only night, it's important to tell clearly to every parents before, even we fear disagreement, and even more when we plan a 5 and more late!

Where will it take place?

Where it'll happen is important. At home, at the chalet or elsewhere, be sure to have enough space for everyone! It includes sitting spaces.Since it's summer and it's hot, proximity of water like a pool or a lake is welcomed to wake up the party!

What can we serve? BBQ recipes!

The key word here is simplicity! Many solutions are possible. Hot-dogs or hamburgers on BBQ are sure the simpliest solution, like this burger de poulet aux poireaux avec fromage cheddar fort. Ah, and don't forget garnishings!

Legend : Chicken and leeks Burger

If possible, prepare everything beforehand. You'll be less on the run on D-day and will enjoy more this precious time with friends!

Make mini-brochettes de poulet, bacon et poireaux the night before. You'll just have to cook it 2 to 3 minutes on BBQ before serving!

Légende : Mini chicken skewer with leeks and bacon

For accompaniment, mix beforehand all ingredients of this delicious mediterranean salad and leeks an add vinaigrette at the last moment.

Finaly, sandwichs without crust is a no!


By dint of speaking, it makes you thirsty! Few refreshments are needed if you don't want any of your friends to get heatstroke and goe back dizzy or in ambulance! Feel free to let your guest chose if they want alcohol or not! If you want to propose some, a light white wine, a raw sparkling wine or a rosé are going to be perfect. Or else, a light and fresh cocktail or a sweet beer would be as much perfect!