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Tanné du gaspillage? On vous a déniché 10 produits écologiques et réutilisables qui vous permettront de rendre votre cuisine plus écologique!

Reusable bags for fruits and vegetables

Reusable bags made of cotton or polyester is perfect to set your fruits and vegetables while grocery shopping. It's easy to wash and dry in only a few minutes and is disponible in many sizes, colors and patterns.

Furthermore, many cities in Canada already forbid the use of plastic bags for a single use. So, forget about this legendary thin plastic bag so hard to come of the rolls and open when you already have tons of fruits in your hands!

Where to find them

Sacs écologiques réutilisables pour fruits et légumes

Reusable bags for sandwichs and snacks

Not only fruits and vegetables deserves a reusable bag. Sandwichs, vegetables and snacks are carried and kpt easily with a reusable bag. Honestly, there are bag which are so beautiful! Allô Hubert Cormier 😍

Where to find them

Rendre sa cuisine écologique avec des sacs réutilisables pour collations et sandwichs

Cotton bags for foods

Never 2 without 3. We complete this hat bag-trick! Cotton bag is very useful to carry bread, bulk ingredients or all your groceries. It's also available in many size, patterns and prints for all taste.

Where to find them

Sacs en coton réutilisables et écologiques pour le pain, les ingrédients en vrac et les achats

Packaging film made of beeswax

Tired to fight with the disposable plastic film to wrap up your foods? Beeswax packaging film is a sustainable solution and is easily washable. It's in fact cloths infused with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. By the way, it's thanks to beeswax that bees keeps honey fresh. Ingeiuous those little bugs! 🐝

Pellicules d'emballage réutilisables, lavables et compostables faites avec de la cire d'abeilles

Where to find them

And why not doing this wrapping yourself?

Brushes made of coconut fibers

The brush made of coconut fibers is perfect to wash fruits and vegetables before eating it. Coconut fiber is sustainable and biodegradable. Polyvalent, you may also use this brush to clean and wash your casseroles and sink. The scouring pad made with walnuts scales is also a great option!

Where to find them

Produit écologique en cuisine : brosse en fibre de noix de coco

Compostable compost bin

After washing, peeling, slicing and cooking all foods that you thrown in your reusable bags, it's time to compost those residues! The compost bin Greemlid made of recycled cardboard is compostable! No more need to clean the little kitchen bin after throwing it's content in the bigger bin outside. Also, it's tough enough to be kept up to to 10 days under the counter and its plastic lid is also compostable.

Where to find them

Produit écologique : bac à compost compostable Greenlid

© Photo : Greenlid

Reusable coffee filter

Coffee grounds is also well compostable. It's even a great fertilizer for your garden. This coffee filter made like a stainless steel cup is perfect for the office to get rid of disposable capsule. Other type of filter like cottons or biological hemp ones are also disponible!

Where to find them

Filtre à café réutilisable en acier inoxydable pour avoir une cuisine plus écologique

Reusable straw

More and more reusable straw are coming on the market. Its often made of stainless steel, bamboo, glass or silicone. Plus, each packaging contains normaly a cleaning brush. Except ones made of bamboo, it's all dish-washing safe.

Where to find them

Paille réutilisable et écologique en acier inoxydable avec brosse de nettoyage

Natural cleaning products

Ecological cleaning products are everywhere in the kitchen. They're as much effective as regular cleaning products, but without chemicals ingredients. And when you can buy it in bulk it's even better!

Where to find them

Produits de nettoyage écologiques et naturels pour rendre sa cuisine écologique

Reusable, washable and compostable paper-towelss

Some damage in the kitchen? No problem! Kliin paper towels is ecological and absorb 15 times its weight in liquids. Made with 100% natural fibers, washable and also compostable. A way to shelve Spongie!

Where to find them

Essuie-tout lavable, compostable et réutilisable Kliin

© Photo : Kliin

Now that you own many ecological products in your kitchen, it's time to cook  and to wrap leftovers with reusable products 😉