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Did you know? Near 40% of Canadians skip breakfast, rising risk to have dificulty to concentrate in the morning.

Morning runs doesn't let that much time to eat. But, if you skip your morning meal, your body and brain will be shorts in fuel. Therefore, you could be less attentive and unable to concentrate at work.

Otherwise, you give up important benefits. Indeed, eating balanced breakfast is linked to:

  • An healthy weight and a reduction of gain of weight with times
  • An upgrade of appetite control, which avoids morning cravings
  • A better contribution of key nutritional elements, especially in calcium, D vitamin, potassium and fibers

Get the maximum from your meetings. Order foods that stimulate the brain, not exhausts it!

Next time you plan a meeting on lunch hour, order foods that will help the participants to stay concentrated and productive:

  • Set pitchers of ordinary water on the table to quench thirst of the workers, stay hydrated and alert.
  • Opt for a light lunch, serves salads and rolls of vegetables with protein like chicken, eggs or legumes (beans, peas or lentils).
  • Replace sugary desserts - offer fresh fruits or little portions of snack rich in nutrients like yogurt or mini muffins with whole grains.

Be sure to plan a break for the participants to keeps their energy.

The helm of the middle of the day is felt? No need of caffeine! Take instead good habits to enhance your level of energy.

Try these three healthy habits, that will help you avoid a decrease of energy:

  1. Move! Standing while your on the phone, walks to deliver messages yourself instead of sending an e-mail or do some stretching at your desk.
  2. Take a small snack. If you're hungry, eat snacks rich in carbohydrates to feed your brain and also in protein to keep more energy for a long time. Dip carrots in nuts butter or enjoy cottage cheese with fruits.
  3. Drink water. Hydrate yourself will help to avoid this desire to sleep. Add cucumber, lemon and mint to it to gave it some flavours. Fill up often to continue to sip before the helm settles down.

For easy to take away snacks ideas that will sure feed your afternoons, visit Cuisidées.

Give a boost to your brain with these 10 wise snacks that dietitians will advise you to add to your lunch box.

Well, thought snacks are rich in nutrients elements : carbohydrates to feed your brain, fibers to satiate your hunger and proteins to maintain your level of energy for a long time. Put these 10 favorite dietitians snacks in your lunch bag :

  1. Whole grain crackers and a hard-boiled egg
  2. A handful of grapes and a big piece of cheese
  3. Vegetable sticks and hummus
  4. Apple slices and almond butter
  5. Fresh fruit mixed with yogurt
  6. A handful of nuts combined with dried fruits
  7. Edamames and mint infused water
  8. Sugar snap peas and black bean dip
  9. A banana spread with peanut butter
  10. Crisp toasted lentils and green tea