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Vegetable once known for it's famous soup, it is more and more popular with Quebecers. A vegetable "in", savory, versatil and nutrient. Charms our knifes and cauldron by enhancing as well as express recipes than big nights menu!


  • This great impressive vegetable with sweety and salty taste reinvent classicals wich are parts of our usual menus. Just need to add it to mixtures for *sandwiches, sautés, papillotes, pizzas and soups to give a touch of freshness and a notch of flavor!
  • It is really appreciated from great chefs since it enhance plates with a subtile touch without covering its flavor.
  • The green part is an exquisite aroma to perfumes broths, stew and soups.
  • The white part enhance shorts-bouillons, gratins, pastas, *salads and sandwiches, meats and fishes.


  • It can be kept for a long time in the refrigerator and can be frozed sliced without being blanch.
  • It is available in the format of 250 gr ready to cook (wich is about 2 leeks). In grocery store, can be find at the aisle of fruits and vegetables in the already cut vegetable section where there is refrigerated counter. Sliced, washed and without preservatives! We like this!


  • Leek cotains antioxidants, to be more specific carotenoids and flavonoids. These combines its actions with that of the sulfur compounds and leek's saponins to offer a protection against cardiovascular disease and some cancers. Green part of leek if the richer part in antioxidants.
  • Its an easy and efficient way to eat more vegetables! ½ cup of sliced leeks gaves a portion of vegetabes based on the Alimentary Canadian Guideline to eat more healthily.
  • Leek is an excellent sources of folic acid famous to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus. good sources of iron and also contains C and B6 vitamin, magnesium, copper and calcium.
  • In alternative medicine, is said laxative, antiarthritic, antiseptic, diuretic and tonic. It is known to clean the digestive system.

* It is preferable to blanch the leek before use.