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In kitchen, there are mixes of classicals which invariably are success at the table. Fish and white wine, steak with BBQ, caramel and apples... But when you take time to think outside the box we find small kitchen pearls! You need to take risk in life!

Meats and vegetables have long find its place over BBQ grills. But, there is also another category of foods, forgotten of the BBQ, which also grills perfectly over the flames! Impossible to pretend to the title of the BBQ Ace if you don't master the arts of cooking fruits on the BBQ! Seriously.

The principle is the same as when you heat white sugar in a pan. Fruits sugar browns. In cooking terms, we'll say it caramelize. Not only caramel add aromats to the fruit, but the texture also change. Just like with maple syrup which thicker more and more if you let it heat.

Which fruits are best on the grill?

Pineapple, peach, pear, watermelon, cantaloup, kiwi, grapefruit, apricot, fig and plum are both fruits which obtains lots of flavours and texture when cooked on the BBQ.

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It's all about marking

Fruits cooking mainly target outside coloration and carameization. We want it to be more tender, without being too soft. First step on the grill is to first mark the fruits lihgtly brushed with oil. Then, prick to see if it's the right consistency. If not, lower heat and set on the upper grill, then close the lid until wished results. 5 minutes max should be enough.

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How to serve

  • Embellish with salt flower or cinnamon
  • With vanilla flavored ice cream, chantilly cream or with nature flavoured greek yogurt
  • Because life is too short so why privates ourselves, dip in chocolate
  • Skewer with seafoods !
  • Coat with maple syrup or with dulce de leche. A sin worth it.

Have nice sweeties!