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The Christmas holiday is a precious time to find warmth and comfort among loved ones. It's with generosity and love that you'll be welcomed and may even welcome guests yourself at home with family and friends to share a delicious meal. If you are the one hosting, it's possible you've already started preparing your Christmas menu.


Something we often forget and then scramble to do at the last minute is the table decoration. And because the container is just as important as the contents, we've found some lovely, trendy Christmas table decorations to show off your beautiful dishes!

Rustic Christmas

Decorations somewhere between vintage and country for the most nostalgic!

White Christmas

For those who love winter's pureness and the softness of white.


Classic Christmas

More into the classics? Get inspired with decorous and traditional table decorations!


Hanging a branch above the table, who would've thought?!

Pretty Place Cards

As a conclusion, use place cards as a unique way to garnish your table!

Happy Holidays!