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It's been over 50°F for the past 3 days and with precipitated excitement we've got out our shorts and opened all the windows: BBQ season is here! But before putting on your apron and running to your BBQ, here are a few maintenance notions are in order for your security and food safety. Follow our guide to cleaning and maintaining your BBQ, from the first meal to the last meal of the season.

Hurray, it's the first BBQ of the year!

The first thing to do is to inspect the general state of the BBQ: burner, pipes, lid, wheel, grills and lighter. If you have a propane BBQ, verify the tank to make sure it doesn't have any cracks or isn't bumpy. If it is more than 10 years old, replace it. Then you can clean.

Cleaning the grates (VERY IMPORTANT)

Cleaning these elements is vital: food safety depends on it. To do so:

  1. Turn on the BBQ to warm the grills
  2. Brush it with a metal brush
  3. Wait for it to cool down
  4. Clean with soapy water (pro-tips: to remove fat, lemon or white vinegar is very effective)
  5. With a sponge, rinse clean with water

Cleaning the rest (OPTIONAL)

For the lid and the general structure, soapy water or oven or BBQ cleaner is sufficient. For an electric BBQ, be careful not to use too much water.

If you have a propane BBQ, be sure to clean the burners by brushing them carefully with a metal brush. With a toothpick, clean the burner's holes.

If you have a wood BBQ , remove all ashes (make sure they are cold!)

Before and after each steak or grilling

Before cooking foods

  1. Turn on the BBQ to heat up the grates
  2. Brush with a metal brush

Oil grates with olive or canola oil with a paper towel, so that food doesn't stick

  1. Grill and taste your grilling success

After grilling

When the grill is still warm, brush it with a metal brush. Don't add oil: if you add oil now, it'll evaporate when you reheat the grill and you'll have to add more anyway.

Until We Meet Again: Storing Your BBQ for Winter

If it's your last BBQ of the year, clean it like at the opening. Then cover it and store it outside. It's very important not to store your BBQ or propane tank inside.

  • By leaving a tank in a closed space, carbon monoxide could accumulate, which can be deadly.
  • Your BBQ components are susceptible to rust due to the humidity from your garage or shed.

By all means, be careful and enjoy your BBQ!