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For the month of nutrition, we adapted 6 popular recipes. We got back to the kitchen to recreate classics to update its nutritive value. Healthier, without sacrificing its simplicity and flavours. Leek and asparagus are well presented!

Here's a few tips and tricks to help you give some magic to your repertoire.

Basic principles :


1 : Avoid this will to change, misrepresent the purpose in its whole will create a risk of disappointment once set in your plate.

2 : Set your priorities : lipids, sugar, salt, fibers.

3 : Modify one lelement at a time. Note each modification and when you'll prepare it another time, if you want to, try adding new modification.

Tips and tricks :

To lessen the amount of saturated fat ; 

  • Replace butter and shortening by soft non-hydrogenated margarine, olive oil, canola oil or grape seed oil.

To lessen the total amount of fat ;

  • Use a non-stick pan to fry garlic, onion and leeks. This way, we lessen the total amont of energy (calories) in our recipe by omitting fat normaly use to fry vegetables.
  • When a recipe ask for 35% or 15% cream, replace by a dairy cooking mixture of 5% or a light sour cream of also 5% or again a nature flavored  greek yogurt of 0% fat.

To lessen salt;

  • Use ingredients low in sodium. Search broth without salt, canned tomatoes low in sodium and avoid as much as possible to salt your meals. Wait at the end of cooking, taste and salt carefully.
  • While preparing potages, fry at low eat onions, leeks and garlic it caramelize add taste to a dish. And so, it will allow to avoid pouring broth.

To lower the amount of added sugar ;

  • With cakes, bread and muffins recipe, we can easily reduce of a quarter the total amount of sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup and treacle without changing its texture or flavor.

To increase the amount of fibers;

  • It's easy to increase the amount of fibers in a recipe by adding legumes, by using whole wheat pastas, adding vegetables or improving our recipe with yeast flakes, ground chia or ground linseed.


Bon appétit!