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If you've watched Passe-Partout, milk cheese probably marked your childhood! Here, we won't sing kids rhymes about croque-monsieur, but this melted cheese sandwhich is still worth all our attention when we're making use of our homeland cheese!

Sweet cheddar

Cheddar is a cheese which may be adapted for all taste! Let it be sweet, medium, old, white, orange, 2 colors, seasoned or else, it goes well with ham, leeks and cranberries in our squeezed  croque-monsieur with leeks!

Grilled cheese pressé avec fromage cheddar doux et poireaux, canneberges et pacanes hachées

The Migneron de Charlevoix

With the bistronomique croque-monsieur from Christian Bégin made for meat lovers, the Migneron de Charlevoix mix with perfection all ingredients. By replacing onion with leek, it's even better!

Grilled cheese de Christian Bégin avec Migneron de Charlevoix, bavette, champignons et miel

OKA L'Artisan

Being part of the swiss cheese family , l'OKA L'Artisan goes perfectly with meats in this luxurious ham and prosciutto croque-monsieur. With his numerous prize and reward gained over the last few years, this cheese may only be a great success for your croque-monsieur!

Grilled cheese au fromage OKA L’Artisan avec jambon fumé, proscuitto et champignons café

The Pizy

For grilled chicken fans, it's the croque-monsieur L'euphorie with Pizy that you need into your plate! The harmony created with chicken, mayonnaise and rosemary may only melt your desire to take a great bite in this tasty croque-monsieur with a light taste of hazelnut!

Grilled cheese au fromage Pizy avec poulet et mayonnaise au romarin

The Pleine Lune

Coated with vegetal ashes, this cheese will please your taste buds with his peppery flavours in your mouth. Thanks to it's refined soft paste, it's perfect for this mushrooms and bloomy cheese croque-monsieur.

Grilled cheese avec le fromage cendré Pleine Lune et champignons

The Baluchon

Impossible to resist to this biologic ivory colored cheese. Melting and soft in mouth, it gives a light clover taste when melted with this nest of spinaches and shredded ham in this shredded ham croque-monsieur.

Grilled cheese au fromage Le Baluchon avec jambon effiloché et tombée d’épinards

Goat cheese

Just like a bruschetta, the mix of these ingredients is just heavenly in this maple, pumpkin and goat cheese croque-monsieur! We especially like this goat cheese from Ferme et Fromagerie La Maison Grise. Their cheese are so tasty and their goat so cute!

Grilled cheese au fromage de chèvre avec citrouille, sauge et sirop d’érable

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