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To avoid illness, extend youth, optimize energy, maintain or lose weight; for many, equilibrated food is unavoidable. Utopia or daily achievement?


Here few simple tips which will give you good conscience and lead you towards a simple and equilibrated alimentation.


  1. Pleasure : You can't let go of pleasure and this for each meals. When we put aside pleasure in our foods choices, the brain think of this action as a restriction. When we set ourself in a deprivation mode, we're going right into the dead-end of compulsion... For exemple : you want to avoid chocolate chips cookies since you are sure it's responsible for you gain of weight... You do it, 1 or 2 or even 3 weeks... You hold on. Then, comes the day where you waver and buy a prohibited food at the grocery store. This very night, you eat one, then two, then three and here we go, who cares... 3 row are now gone... The morality is to not set yourself prohibition. Enjoy each day a modest portion of a pleasure food and enjoy simply!
  2. Garnish each plate of a protein sources : This nutrient is interesting on many levels. It offers satiety, burns more calories when happens digestion than carbohydrates and lipids, allows our body to preserve the muscular mass and create blood cells and immune system. So, at each meals, offer yourself a portion of proteins : meat, fish, poultry, eggs, legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu, milk, soy milk, cheese, yogurt.
  3. Set on colors : garnish at least half of each meals or snack with vegetables and fruits. Rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-cancers compounds, antioxidants and fibers, it'll gaves you energy and less calories.
  4. Drink water! Before, through and after meals. Water ease digestion, avoid tiredness in the middle of the day and allows to distinguish better hunger and satiety signals.
  5. Viva whole grains. Set at least the ¼ of your plate for these grains. Cereal products gaves out energy which our body needs. More this fuel is refined, the more white it is, and the more it gives faster energy but also offer a faster decreases of this energy! Whole "brown" version are richer in vitamins, minerals and fibers. So, it contributes to provide a stable dose of energy all day long.