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After filling your belly with all the leftovers from Christmas and New Year’s, have you come to say the quintessential, "Whew! Have I eaten too much?” Well, so have we! As we all know, resisting an extra slice of Christmas log is practically impossible. The start of a new year is often motivated by a desire to ‘eat better.’

We’ve unearthed 20 recipes for soups and creams in which leeks are the hero, along with other vegetables like celery, peas, potatoes and ingredients you love for lighter eating. What better way to start the year off healthy?

Our traditional, easy-to-make leek soup

Un bol de soupe traditionnelle de poireaux et persil frais pour décorer.

A classic recipe never goes out of fashion. Simple, easy to make and delicious, this leek soup is perfect for eating light and giving our stomachs a little break. And why not enjoy a small portion as a snack?

Classic leek and creamy potato soup recipe

Bol de soupe avec croûtons sur une table en bois avec une pomme de terre et des poireaux.

Our leek and potato soup recipe is simply delicious! It’s sure to please young and old alike.

Our vitality soup with leek, celery, green cabbage and kale

Bol de soupe aux poireaux tranchés, chou vert et chou kale hachés.

Start the new year off on the right foot! What could be better than an excellent green vegetable soup? Packed with iron, vitamins and fibre, this soup is perfect for light eating after a hearty holiday buffet. In addition to celery, green cabbage and kale, our leeks add a touch of happiness 😉

Healthy green vegetable and Parmesan cheese soup recipe

Soupe verte à base de poireaux, fèves, pois gourmands, haricots verts et copeaux de Parmesan.

Fill up on energy with the greens in this soup recipe! Leeks, broad beans, snow peas, green beans and... shavings of Parmesan cheese add a little umph!

Comforting country soup with pancetta and Parmesan romano

Une femme tenant un bol d'une main et une louche de l'autre pour servir de la soupe.

Aahhh winter! What could be more comforting than a good soup after a walk in the snow? Not much. Our recipe for peasant soup made with leek, carrot, cabbage, tomato and potato with the addition of pancetta and Parmesan romano will warm your heart and stomach.

A delicious recipe for leek, potato and crispy bacon soup

Un bol de soupe crémeuse avec des lardons déposés sur le dessus.

The star ingredients in this recipe? Leeks, potatoes and bacon. It’s a winning combination for your taste buds.

Quick recipe for leek soup au gratin with a slice of bread au gratin in the oven

Bol de soupe gratinée aux poireaux avec une tranche de pain gratinée déposée dans le bol.

Two words: comfort food!

Our exotic recipe for Thai leek and chicken soup with rice vermicelli

Bol bleu à motifs méditerranéens contenant une soupe thaïe aux poireaux, poulet et vermicelles de riz.

Leeks are so versatile that they can take your taste buds on a journey! The proof? This recipe for Thai soup with chicken, leek, coconut milk and rice vermicelli 😀 In fact, this Thai soup is a crowd favourite!

A chicken and leek soup meal with the flavours of Italy

Bol rempli de soupe avec morceaux de poulet, légumes et feuilles de basilic sur le dessus.

Aaahhh Italy... Passion, love and flavour! This soup meal has everything to satisfy your appetite.

Indian-style barley, vegetable and lentil soup

Un bol de soupe au bouillon orangé avec légumes en cubes, orge et lentilles.

This soup contains nutritious ingredients such as barley and lentils. The vegetables add lightness to the dish, and the curry flavours will take you to a part of India.

Our recipe for leek and celery soup with cream (or milk) and chives

Vus de haut, un bol de soupe avec potage crémeux, tranche de pain et couteau à beurre déposés sur une planche de bois.

Do you like celery? Do you like leeks? This soup recipe is simply a pleasure to enjoy. Add cream (or milk) and chives for decoration. Bon appétit!

Sweet leek soup with shiitake mushrooms and teriyaki sauce

Un bol de soupe avec un bouillon contenant des champignons shiitakes et des poireaux en lanières.

This soup reveals some of the flavours of Japan. The soft texture of the shiitake mushrooms marries perfectly with the teriyaki sauce, which is slightly sweet. Let’s try it tonight?

Bewitching leek and dill soup (in French)

Deux cuillères et deux bols à soupe foncés avec un potage vert de poireaux avec aneth et croûtons en décoration sur le dessus.

We agree that this leek and dill soup is perfectly tempting. Imagine (read here: a must-try 😉 ) with Parmesan or goat cheese... Hmmm!

Simple soup made with root vegetables

Bol de forme ovale avec un velouté orange et un persil plat en décoration sur le dessus.

They say simple tastes better, and this root vegetable soup is no exception!

Decadent leek, pear and pancetta velouté

Petit bol blanc avec velouté jaune et sa garniture de pancetta émiettée.

Light with a touch of sweetness from the pear and savoury with the pancetta topping, this leek velouté is simply decadent!

Our recipe for cream of leek soup with tender gnocchi

Grand bol orange avec une crème pâle, quelques gnocchis et feuilles de basilic au centre.

Right from the start, the gnocchi are tender and have a subtle flavour. The potato-based pasta adds an interesting texture and a little consistency to this cream-of-leek recipe.

Leek velouté recipe perfect for Matane (or Nordic) shrimp lovers

Des cuillères à soupe et un bol avec un bouillon clair, poireaux et crevettes sur une table en bois.

If your craving calls for Matane or Northern shrimp, we’ve got you covered! And what’s more, with leek, it’s delicious, I promise!

Restaurant-worthy mussel, leek and fresh coriander soup

Un bol et un chaudron jaune remplis d'un velouté aux moules et poireaux, avec une cuillère de service en bois.

Can you make a restaurant-perfect mussel velouté at home? It’s possible, and here’s our recipe! Psst! It’s our pleasure 🤗

Add some colour to your bowl with our beet and leek cream recipe

Vue supérieure. Crème de betteraves dans un bol bleu déposé sur un tissu bleu clair, avec une cuillère à soupe placée à gauche.

Eating is also a feast for the eyes. This beet and leek cream is guaranteed to add colour to your bowl. What’s more, it’s a quick recipe to make.

Our famous cream of asparagus soup for light meals

Crème d'asperges

The perfect cream for cold days, the taste of asparagus is sure to comfort you.

To your bowls, spoons... Eat light!

With these 20 recipes for leek-based soups and creams for light meals, it’s safe to say that your recipe book (in French) is well stocked.

Are you looking for more substantial meals? With our foodie paradise blog posts or our main course recipes section, your table will be well and truly filled. And for your sweet tooth, don’t miss out on our delicious dessert recipes. Bon appétit!