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Do dairy products give you hives or nausea? Has your niece gone vegan overnight? Have you bought soy milk and don’t know what to do with it? There are tons of reasons to cook with plant milks.

That’s good because there are tons of options. After scouring the internet for the best recipes with dairy substitutes, we’ve put together this ultimate list. From soy milk to almond milk to coconut milk and cream, here are 15 dairy-free recipes to try over the next few weeks.

Melt-in-the-mouth leek quiche to be made with the dairy substitute of your choice (in French)

Une quiche végane aux poireaux faite avec de la crème de soya

A delicious treat. So easy to make; we can’t wait to try it again! To make this recipe successful, it’s essential to use vegetable cream, not vegetable milk. Don’t worry; you can find vegetable cream in little berlingots in the same place as soy milk in grocery stores. Soy cream is an excellent option for this quiche, but coconut cream is just as good.

Farfalle with leek, shrimp and almond milk sauce (in French)

Des farfalles aux crevettes, poireaux et lait d’amande

As well as being adorable, farfalle is a very versatile pasta. These are light, creamy, and much easier to digest than most pasta with white sauce. 😜

Pumpkin latte with almond milk (in French)

Café à la citrouille avec mousse crémeuse de lait d’amande.

Have you heard of PSL? It’s short for Pumpkin Spice Latte, a specialty coffee usually enjoyed in autumn. And just as well, it’s now! So this Sunday morning, put on your coziest little wool suit and make one just for yourself. You’re sure to love it!

Our leek curry with coconut milk

Un cari de poireaux et de lait de coco sans produits laitiers.

Curries are often a good choice if you’re looking for lactose-free recipes since they’re usually made with coconut milk. This version also contains leeks, even better!

Sweet potato gnocchi with sage and cashew milk cream sauce (in French)

Des gnocchis avec une sauce crémeuse au lait de cajou

Do you love cashew nuts? If so, you’ll love cashew milk even more! And if you want to make this gnocchi recipe even more incredible, replace the shallots with leeks 😉

Leek fondue with almond cream or rice cream (in French)

Une fondue aux poireaux sans produits laitiers

Does cheese fondue give you a tummy ache? Dip your fresh bread into this incredible leek fondue. It’s sure to satisfy your taste buds AND your digestive system.

Cheddar-style vegan cheese made with your choice of plant milk

Un fromage végane à faire avec un lait végétal de votre choix.

Avoiding dairy products often scares people because imagining a life without cheese is hard. With this dairy-free vegan cheddar, there’s no need to compromise! And it’s easy to make 😋

Dairy-free vegan mac & cheese (in French)

Un bol de mac & cheese végane préparé avec un substitut de produits laitiers.

What would a list of recipes with dairy substitutes be without a good mac & cheese recipe?

Chia pudding with oat milk (in French)

Un pouding de chia à faire avec du lait d’avoine.

A breakfast to prepare the day before. Chia pudding is a bit like tapioca pudding but with much more iron!

Vegan pancakes made with your favourite dairy substitute

Crêpes à faire avec votre choix de substitut de produits laitiers.

Speaking of breakfast, there’s nothing like pancakes on the weekend! This recipe is perfect for creating thicker pancakes, pancake-style. But if you prefer thin pancakes, we won’t leave you out! It’s over here! 👈

Tagliatelle with lemon asparagus cream (soy) (In French)

Des tagliatelles aux asperges préparées avec de la crème végétale.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, pasta! You can NEVER get bored 😍

Vegan cauliflower, kohlrabi and amaranth gratin (In French)

Un gratin de légumes fait avec des substituts de produits laitiers.

The beauty of this recipe is that once you’ve made it, you can gratinate anything in a vegan, dairy-free version. Asparagus gratin? Coming right up!

Dairy-free vegetable creams

Une crème de poireaux au lait de coco

Autumn’s coming, it’s getting colder, and what could be more comforting than a good vegetable cream? Here are two dairy-free creams that are just as creamy as if they contained dairy!

Now that you’ve mastered recipes with plant milks, what’s your next step? Learn to make your own dairy substitutes? It’s entirely possible. In fact, oat milk (in French) is one of the easiest to make yourself and the least expensive! Let’s give it a try!

And if you’re looking for more desserts, we’ve got those too! Check out our article containing 17 of our best 100% vegan dessert recipes!