All our days are numbered
It's an age-old spell we've been under

BBQ. A smell that is considered to be the favorite of one in four adults. The thing is, we have to wait for it 8 to 10 months a year, and right when we start to enjoy it, it's over already. Though the brave would say, "I BBQ all winter long", we would reply,"It's not the same!", and we're right (so there!).

Now that it's summer, we have to enjoy it. Just like the great smells of barbecues cooking, we propose recipe ideas you'll have to try this summer because 1) They are tasty, 2) they are easy to prepare and 3) they are original. Ready, set, BBQ!

French Fry and Meat papillote

Even if BBQ papillotes allow us to cook with lots of flavors and all kinds of food, we often stick to the classics (you know, your mix of leeks & mushrooms). To impress everyone and add variety to your next barbecue dinner, let us propose a few new ideas for you.

Bacon & Cheese Fries

French fry papillote on the barbecue, did you ever think of that? Yes! Add bacon, leeks and cheese to it and we're in business: it's original, sure to please everyone and best of all, affordable!

Chicken Breast Papillote

Next to the hamburger patties, grill this delicious mix of chicken, leeks, mushrooms, peppers and seasonings.

Salmon & Leek Papillote

''Oh no, not fish, it crumbles all over the grill!''

Then you have 2 choices: cook it over lemon slices (it works!) or eat it in a papillote. Try this recipe that combines salmon with leeks, maple syrup (or honey), garlic and spices... a real delight!

Pizza on the Barbecue

Imagine a pizza crust still traced with warmth from the grill or the first whiff of the pizza you just ordered... now, imagine you were the one cooking it... This is it, pizza on the barbecue!

Rolled Pizza

Is it a pizza? A pizza pocket? No, it's a rolled pizza!

You'll need:

  1. A ball of pizza dough
  2. A bit of everything that could be great! (garnishing from our ham & leek pizza, for example!)

Leek, Goat Cheese & Olive Pizza

Half-healthy, half-decadent, this pizza will be popular for its uniqueness and flavors!

Flavorful Skewers

I don't know about you, but as for skewers, they tend to be boring: meat cubes and peppers are usually the only ones invited. To change that, try our mix that is sure to charm you.

Ground Meat Skewers

To add a bit of Indian flavors to your familial barbecue, make a mixture of ground meat and spices into a 7-inch sausage link on a skewer. There you go! Now just enjoy it.You just have to enjoy it.

Decadent Meat Balls

Be careful: we're not talking about ordinary meat balls, but rather tasty and crispy one! Cover your meat balls with large layers of onions before rolling it up with a slice of bacon: meat + onion + bacon = pure happiness!

The Best for Last: BBQ Desserts

Take a break from ice cream, Popsicles and other frozen treats: roast instead!

Chocolate Marshmallow Banana

You read right, though you might be dreaming! In aluminium paper or with its peel (personally, we think it creates a better effect), roast a banana filled with chocolate chips and small marshmallows. It'll disappear like hot cakes!

Grilled Donuts

It may sound simple, but you'll be surprised by this little pop of crispness that the BBQ gives donuts. Be sure to try it!

Peaches, pineapples, pears, etc.!

Many fruits are totally delicious on the grill: their tender texture and caramelized sugars... it's to die for! To guide you, here a list of 10 fruits you can grill!

Now go ahead, get to the BBQ because as "Big Wreck" sang... our days are numbered!!

Enjoy your meal!