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Chicken and asparagus rolls

Author: Les Cultures de chez nous
Preparation 30
Baking 40
Portions 4
Freezing No


  • 16 trimmed asparagus
  • 4 boneless chicken breasts, with its skin
  • 60 ml (1/4 cup) of fresh tarragon leaves
  • 8 prosciutto or smoked ham slices
  • 15 ml (1 tablespoon) of melted butter
  • 1 ml (1/4 teaspoon) of salt
  • 160 ml (2/3 cup) of chicken broth
  • 80 ml (1/3 cup) of dry white wine
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of lemon juice
  • 2 ml (1/2 teaspoon) of cornstarch
  • 1 ml (1/4 teaspoon) of pepper
  • 15 ml (1 tablespoon) of finely chopped fresh tarragon
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  • In a casserole filled with salted boiling water, boil asparagus for about 2 minutes or until its of a bright green color and crispy. Drain asparagus and rince under cold tap water to stop its cooking. Drain with paper towels.
  • With a sharp knife, remove bones of each chicken breasts by sliding in the knife between flesh and bones (keep the knife inclined with the bone and start by the thickest tip). Set boneless chicken breasts over a work surface between two plastic wrap, skin part under. With a pan, press down chicken breasts until it gets 5 mm (1/4 inch) thick.
  • With your fingers, detach lightly the skin from the chicken breasts (without removing it completely). Spread tarragon leaves under the skin of the chicken breasts. Turn upside down chicken breasts and cover its flesh each with two prosciutto slices. Set four asparagus over the edges of each chicken breasts, perpendicularly. Roll up chicken breasts tightly with asparagus, then tie it up with a toothpick. Set rolls in a small broiler pan, tied side set under. With a brush, brush chicken rolls with butter. Spinkle salt. Pour chicken broth and white wine into the broiler pan.
  • Bake in a preheated oven at 375 °F (190 °C) for about 30 minutes or until chicken flesh loses its pink tint. With a brush, brush rolls with its cooking juice. Continue cooking under oven grill for 3 to 4 minutes or until chicken rolls are roasted and crispy. Then set rolls in a service plate and set aside at warm.
  • Pour broiler pan cooking juice in a cup and skim (if needed, add chicken broth to obtain 180 ml (3/4 cup) of liquids). Pour in a small casserole and bring to a boil. Meanwhile, within the cup, with a whisk, mix egg yolks, lemon juice, cornstarch, pepper and chopped tarragon. Slowly add boiling cooking liquid while whisking. Pour sauce in a casserole and cook at medium heat, while whisking non-stop, for about 3 minutes or until it thickers (dot not boil).
  • Serve chicken with sauce.

Chef's notes