Pappardelle, penne, rigatoni, fettuccini... Time to practice Italian or, at least, mastering pastas recipes! Depending on what you have under the hand or what taste you'd like, here's inspiration! Here are our suggestions of pastas recipes.

Pst, if you made it yourself, bravo!

Penne in the pan

The Italian word penne means feather, as in "old-style pen". It's beveled end refers to it. These pastas are frequent in Italy, and are usually served with spicy tomato sauce. But since we like to do things differently, here our own pennes recipes!

Pennes poireaux et jambon

Fettucines freshly made

Vege or with meat, with sauce or seafoods, fettucines are very polyvalent. More about "asparagus", our fettucines recipes goes well with all ind of occasion and don,t take much more than twenty minutes to prepare! Pronto!

Pennes poireaux et jambon

Linguines to loosen the thong

You're use to carbonara linguine? Here 5 suggestions that will get you out of your comfort zone! These linguines recipes are easy to make and pleasant to taste, even more with  good glass of wine!

Noodles and amazing pastas

Spaghettini, shells, tagliatelle or spaghetti, these recipes send the green light to your pasta choices. Makes about 1 to 6 portions, so don't stop yourself to double or triple the recipe if you wan't to share or have good leftovers!

Pâtes au saumon

Gnocchis, raviolis and rotinis

Gnocchi is prepared with potatoes, flour or semolina. Ravioli is often stuffed with meat, vegetables or cheese. Rotinis are originaly fron north of Italy and created for childrens, since their corkscrew shape is funny. Plus, it keeps well the sauce. Which pastas recipes will be your favorite?

Pappardelles not scary at all

Pappardelles are some kind of large fettucines. These 2 pastas recipes are cooked al dente, which means it'll stay firm under the tooth. In fact, al dente in Italian means "to the tooth". Full of good sens and good to taste!

Pappardelles au canard

Gluten free tasty pastas

Leeks is in the spotlight in our gluten free pastas recipes! Offering for 6 to 10 portions, there's no more reason to stay hungry. Like we said with the chicken recipe, we suggest you to take a look at the fondation québécoise de la maladie cœliaque website and at the Canadian Celiac Association to help you chose well gluten free foods.

Careful pastas for diabetic

For one portion, calculate your intake of lipids, carbohydrates, fibers and proteins. Our pastas recipes for diabetics are useful and tasty, isn't it?

Salade de pâtes pour diabétiques

Weel aligned lasagnas

If you have less than an hour in front of you, these 4 lasagnas recipes are for you. Here some tips : always cook vegetables before preparing lasana, favorite fresh or dry lasagna than cooked one and let your lasagna cool down at least 10 minutes for to slice it better.

Cannellonis too

The best way to fulfill cannellonis is to no pre-cook it. Like this, it stays right and can contains lots of stuffing. You won't have any bad surprises when it'll get out of the oven!

Des cannellonis

Patchy pastas

Here our "without category", rebel pastas rcipes which don't have particular theme. But since pastas are history of familia, we couldn't let it slide! To make it more "fancy", one of these dish can be enhance with porto. It's different! Find out which one!

A tips : most of the pastas dishes can't be freezed. Take this opportunity to make good leftovers lunchs!