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BBQ. A smell that would be the favorite of one adults out of four. The thing is, we have to wait for it 8 to 10 months a year, and right when we can enjoy it, it's already ended. "Me", says ones that aren't chilly, "I do BBQ all winter long". To which we'll answer "It's not the same!", and we're right (yes, so what).

Now that it's summer, we have to enjoy it. Just like great smells of barbecue come while cooking, we propose at Complètement poireau recipes idea you'll have to try this summer because it's 1. tasty, 2. easy to prepare and 3. originals. So get to your BBQ!


French fries and meat papillote

Even if BBQ papillotes allows to cook with lots of flavors all kind of foods, we often stays into classicals (yes, yes, we know your mix of leeks-mushrooms). To impress everyone and add variety to your next barbecue dinner, we propose few new things for you.

French fire and bacon au gratin

French fries papillote over barbecue, haven't you thought about it? Yes! Add bacon to it, leeks, cheese and here we go : it's original, you'll be sure to please everyone and it's not costy!

Poitrines de poulet en papillote

Beside meat balls for hamburgers, grill this delicious mixture of chicken, leeks, mushrooms, peppers and seasonings.

Saumon en papillote aux poireaux

« Ah no, not fish, it crumbles all over the grill! »

Then you have 2 choices : you cook it over lemons slices (it works!) or eat it in papillote. Try this recipe that combines salmon to leeks, maple syrup (or honey), garlic and spices... a real delight!

Papillotes de crevettes aux poireaux et Pernod

Try out this mixture of shrimps, cherry tomatoes, Pernod, cooking cream, leeks and spices to say definitively goodbye to your onions-mushrooms mixture.

Pizzas over barbecue

Imagine a pizza crust with still warm traces from the grill, first smell of the pizza you just ordered.. now, imagine you were the one cooking it... This is it, a pizza over barbecue!

Rolled pizza

It's a pizza? A pocket pizza? No, it's a rolled pizza!

You need :

  1. A pizza dough
  2. A bit of everything that could be great! (garnishing from our notre pizza au jambon et poireaux, for exemple!)

Pizza poireaux, fromage de chèvre et olives

Half-healthy, half-decadent, this pizza will be popular with its originality and flavors!

Flavorous skewer

I don,t know about you, but as for skewer, it's mostly routine : meat cubes and peppers are usually the only one part of the game. To make a change, try our mix that will charm you (and if you want to, one of  our 5 marinades to spice it all!).

Brochettes de légumes et fromage

Close your eyes. Think about cheese fondue. Or raclette. What can you see? Doré-mi! We propose a skewer with this cheese perfect for cooking!

Mini-brochettes de poulet, poireaux et bacon

Instead of a traditional piece of onion on a brochette, roast leeks! With chicken and bacon, you have there a perfect mixture as original than tasty!

Chopped meat skewer

To add a bit of Idian flavors to your familial barbecue, make a mixture of chopped meat and spices into a sausage of 18 cm (7 inches) over a skewer. There you go! You just have to enjoy it.

Decadent meat balls

Be careful : here we're not talking about ordinary meat balls, extra flavors and crispy! Cover your meat balls with large layers of onions before rolling it up with bacon slice : meat + onion + bacon = pure happiness!

The best for the end : desserts on barbecue

Take a break from ice-cream, icy pops and other icy stuff : roast stuff!

Chocolate marshmallow banana

You read right, we could dream! In aluminium paper or with its peel (personnally, I think it creates a better effect), roast a banana filled with chocolate chips and small marshmallow. It'll disappear like hot rolls!

Grilled donuts

It may seems simple, but you'll be surprised by this little oumf! of crispness that gave the barbecue to a donut. Try it out!

Pommes farcies au poireau, bacon et patate douce selon Bob le Chef

We can avoid fruits, it's neglected from the barbecue! Try out this more searched to impress with its taste than your boldness! (Psst, it's part of our notre livre spécial barbecue!)

Pêches, ananas, poires... etc.!

Many fruits are totally delicious over the grill : its tnder texture and caramelize sugar... it's to die for! To guide you, here a liste de fruits à griller, cooking tips included!.

Now go ahead, to your barbecue because like Éric Lapointe said so well, our days are counted!!

Have a nice meal!