If you're like us, you have your favorite resort in Cuba and know (aproximatively) how to braid a basket. But do you know well Quebec? This summer, leave your traditional all inclusive resort and go discover quebecers terroir! For a weekend only or for the 2 weeks of the construction break, you'll find something to have fun and relax, alone or with family!

Vineyards and cideries

You always buy the same wine? Dare something new with quebecer cuvees and enjoy this time to do activities!

La Route des Vins

Schedule according to the package
Numerous wine tasting and crushing routes, thematic brunchs and even more all year.

Vignoble et cidrerie Coteau Rougemont

Monday to Saturday from 12 h to 16 h, can open on call
Numerous activities with a fairytale landscape awaits you : apples picking, guided tour, tasting, selling of terroir products and more!

Cidre du Québec

Everywhere in Quebec
A link more than ueful to discover many cideries from Quebec!

Cheese shops and cheese festivals

Want to know more about cheese? See how it's made and taste in all the ways in any of our cheese shops.

Centre d’interprétation St-Guillaume

Guided tour of milk receipts, silos, of the pasteurization unit and a presentation on the use of colorants.

La route des fromages fins du Québec

Everywhere in Quebec
Yur searching for delicious quebecers cheese? Take a look at this website to see the list of all Quebec cheese makers.

Chocolate shops and confectionery

Play Hensel and Gretel in a confectionery world, it's for kids and grown ups! Impossible to not enjoy a day in one of these chocolate shops where you'll taste and learn!

Chocolaterie Cynthia

Guided tour all year long
Tasting, demonstration of a chocolate chef and free tour of the store.

Chocolaterie la Cabosse d'Or

Otterburn Park
This chocolate shop has nothing ordinary : enjoy bakeries while looking around the store, museum, tea room and playing mini-golf with family.

Cottages and inns

For a weekend or relaxation and activites, no need to go too far! Quebec is full of cottages and inns with amazing landscape which offers unforgettable terroir packaging.

Gîte Les Plaisirs Gourmands

Summer like winter, many package are offered! Relaxation, Evasion, Romantic and Gourmet.

Auberge Presbytère Mont Lac-Vert

Chose one of these package which includes tasty meals, wine and activities.

Le Gîte du Champayeur

Ski, sugar shack and excursions with sled dogs awaits you

Microbreweries and beer festivals

"Is there beer here?"
Yes, in Quebec we have a lot of microbreweries and festivals to celebrate hop!

Le Bilboquet

Foods, beer and wooded decoration awaits you, alone or with a group for an evening, formation, conference or a corporate event of all kinds.


For lunch, beer, coffee, terrasse or simply a great mbience, the Siboire has 2 branch to serve you.

Festival de Québec

18 to 21 August 2016
Enjoy for free mor than 60 microbreweries, restaurateur, a terrasse, music bands and culinary and brewing conferences.

Bières du Québec

A useful repertoire for all microbreweries, all events beers from Quebec, a store and more!


Have you ever seen alpacas? Or an emu? To find out more about these animals and daily lifes of Quebec farmers and producers, take a look a few of Quebec farms!

Centre de l'Émeu de Charlevoix

24 June to 8 September
Take a look at the incubation chamber, tasting, gifts, diverse terroir products and more!

Ferme Bel Alpaga et Bon Autruche

Open all year long
Touring of the ostriches and alpacas farm, arts activities and more for groups or someone alone.

Journée portes ouvertes sur les fermes du Québec

Sunday 11 September 2016

Mielleries and sugar bushes

You like sugar? Great, because you're in Quebec! Enjoy honey and maple syrup, two of our biggest wealth : taste it, discover how we produce and enjoy many activities while touring.

Miel de Chez Nous

From 1 May till 23 December
From 3 February till 30 April
Discover world of honey with glass hives, museum, and observe the work of a beekeeper and more.

Les Cabanes à sucre du Québec

Everywhere in Quebec
Take a look at the list of all sugar shack in Quebec!

Interesting link for gourmet circuits

When you have a great appetite, everything's great! If you are a great gastronome of simply a curious gourmet, Quebec has everything to offer to satisfy. Here few useful link to find a culinary circuit you'll like!

Le Parcours Outaouais Gourmet

Numerous circuits in Outaouais
Schedule depending of the circuits
Try out divers circuits :  vineyards, farms, hiking, herbalism and much more.

Route des trouvailles gourmandes

Numerous circuits in Centre-du-Québec
Schedule depending of the circuits
Discover various circuits : farms, fine cheese makers, maple syrup makers and more!

La Route des Saveurs

Numerous circuits in Charlevoix
Schedule depending of the circuits
Travel up to your will bistros, chocolate shops, aviaries, microbrewery, bakery and more.

Terroirs Québec

Everywhere in Québec
Meats, seafoods, sugaries, market products, drinks, gifts and a lot more terroir products awits you on this website!