How thick should we choses meat? Should we turn 2 or 15 times? A or AAA? Not easy BBQ cooking! Time has come to answer to your existential questions! For the occasion, two butcher from the Boucherie Alphonse Côté, Martin Poirier and Mathieu Cöté, answered with pleasure to share novel secrets about BBQ!

Why should we marinate meat?

M.P. : Everythings depends on the customer. I'm not a fan of marinades. I prefer the original taste of meat. But if we do marinate, better is to do it an hour before cooking.

M.C. : At the origin, marinades were used to extend meat life. Today, it serves to develop taste and tenderness.

An easy marinade to do with ingredients we have at home?

M.C. : Vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, oil and salt! Oil will give tenderness, other ingredients will add flavors, mostly salt. By the way, it's a myth to believe that adding salt to its meat before cooking will dry it. It's excessive cooking that will take out all juice from meat, and so its tenderness.

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What meat to chose at the grocery store or at your butcher shop to find a tnder and juicy meat?

M.C. : The more fats thre is in meat, more it'll be tender and tasty. Angus beef contains lots of fat and Wagu beef even more (it contains as much fats than meat). In fact, the number "A" indicates the qauntity of fats present in meat. A "AAA" will so contain more fat than just an "A". We'll chose the ideal thickness of the meat based on the desired cooking, but the ideal is of 3/4 to 1 inch. Ribeye is one of the best pieces, ot only because it's rich in flavors and tendreness, but also because it doesn't have bones.

The less a pieces has fats, more it'll be thinner, the less we'll cook it. French steaks and bib of beef should be served rare or at last medium.

Is it preferable to cook with a gaz or coal grill?

M.P. : Propane is simple and takes less time. As for coal, you have to have times in front of you!

M.C. : I prefer cooking with woods briquettes! It confer to meats a unique woody and smoked flavors appreciable with all kind of cooking. I set briquettes over one side only. This way, I can set meats pieces on the other sie when cooked.

How to cook meat?

M.P. : Brown meat on both sides on a indirect heat sources and cook. Never cook meat above a flame.

M.C. : Keep meat out of the fridge one or two hours before setting on the grill. Cook it at room temperature to heat the insides. If we talk about sanitation, there is no risk of contamination since we brown meat an eliminate all bacterias.

How to avoid foods to stick to the grill or go trough it?

M.P. : Cook over an aluminium paper and finish on the grill.

M.C. : Simply wait for the grill to be hot before setting meat.

Should w turn often or not?

M.P. : Idealy, brown each side and no more turn the meat.

M.C. : The least often possible!

How to know if the steak is cooked up to our taste?

M.P. and M.C. : Here an infallibl tips to success your cooking up to perfection : cook meat for a minute over a hot grill at high heat. Turn and cook second side a minute, then low own heat at minimum. When drops are forming over it (looks like sweats drops), turn meat. When drops appears on the second side, it's a sign that your meat is well cooked, about medium cooking. If you want a rare or blue, stop cooking befor drops appears.

For chicken, we'll cook it over a medium or low heat to avoid browning. Incidentally, we'll cook it longuer than beef. Pork, fish, horse, sausages and wild meats can be cooked following the same ways of one of the chicken.

Should we serve meat right away?

M.P. and M.C. : Once cooked, cover your meat (beef, chicken, pork, fish) in aluminium paper and let cool down 10 minutes. Never cut meat right away after being on the BBQ. If you let it cool down, meat will keep its juice and all its tenderness and flavors. If juice flows out while cutting, it's too quick to serve it. During this operation, called calibration, meat will continue to cook. Remove it from the grill before desired cooking!

Other advices : do not ting or crush meat or it'll lose its juice! Use instead tongs.

Thanks to Martin Poirier and Mathieu Côté from the Boucherie Alphonse Côté for their wise advices!

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