Many popular diet tell us to cut into starchy and cereal products to lose weight.

It's not rare to hear someone say : "I've removed these three thigs from my foods and since then I've lost 10 pouds!"

What is it exactly?

  1. Starchy and cereal products are stodgy. Pople eating it in larger quantity and prefer trasnformed versions instead of whole grains versions.
  2. Breads, pstas and potatoes are cooked with many sources of fats which add lots of calories. For exemple baguette bread with butter or smashed potatoes with cream and butter.
  3. Most of meals pre-prepared or served in "fast food" are based with starchy and cereal products. Portions are too big and foods are cooke with way too much fats. For exemple : frozen pizza, hamburger with chees and fries, poutines...

=imbalanced foods and weight gain .

With slimming diet, removal of starchy and cereal product of your foods is balanced with vegetables and fruits. These contains less calories and favorise lost of weight. In reality, people lose weight very fast but ends by gaining it again. Remove a food group of our food is very restrcitive and not realist on long therm. Consequently, people do it on a short period of time. Then, gain their old food habbits and weight lost.

The winning solution :

Decrease portions of cereal products and starchy.

Chose less transformed foods.

Increase portio of vegetables and fruits ad variate recipes.

Upgrade classicals by adding leeks!


Imbalanced food

Diet without cereal products or starchy

Balanced food

Exemple of a meal


Exemple of a meal

Energy (calories)

Exemple of a meal

Energy (calories)





Soupe de poireaux

80 kcal

Spaghetti  pastas (2 cups cooked) and 1 cup of meat sauce

336 kcal (pastas) + 250 kcal (sauce)

Spaghetti  sqaush (2 cups cooked) and 1 cup of meat sauce

120 kcal (squash) 250 kcal (sauce)

 Spaghetti  type pastas (1 cup cooked) and meat sauce (½ cup)

166 kcal (pastas) 125 kcal (sauce)

Parmesan ¼ cup

110 kcal

Parmesan ¼ cup

110 kcal

Parmesan (2 tablespoons)

55 kcal

4 inches of baguette bread with butter or margarine (2 teaspoons)

 90 kcal (butter or margarine) +100 kcal (bread)

Salade de poireau et céleri

60 kcal (vegetables)

50 kcal (vinaigrette )

Poireaux à la provençale (1 ½ cup

80 kcal

886 calories

590 calories

506 calories