You ask yourself how our leeks grow to be that delicious and savory? We're ready to give out our secrets, if it stays between us 😉 You'll finaly know how our leeks goes from the ground to your plates and become the king of your recipes!

Sow leeks seeds in a greenhouse

We start to sow leeks seeds at the end of February till the end of May. No trouble! Each seeds possess its own emplacement in a tray of seedling. It develops in the comfort of our greenhouse till it becames young plants.

Jeunes pousses de poireaux en serre

After the greenhouse, direction the fields for young plants!

When the ground thaw, between the months of May and mid-June, we care about our young leeks plants! Each young plants is carefully plant by hands in our fields. In summer, mechanicaly or by hands, weeding is on the menu!

Notre équipe fait du désherbage manuel dans le champs

Ridging of the plants is also very important! We assured to keep the white part of leeks (the barrel) sheltered from lights to let the leeks grow more easily.

Une équipe plante les jeunes pousses de poireaux aux champs une par une, à l'aide de la machinerie

3 colors for 3 types of leeks

3 great species exist in the family of leeks. Even if their color differs a bit, the same good taste stays for each bites! Here learn about it :

Summer species

Clearer leafings, but doesn't tolarate colds

Automn species

Dark green leafings

Winter species

Pronounced blue-green leafings

Finaly harvest leeks!

After reaching its full potential, leeks are harvested with a machine from the month of September till mid-November based on its variety. Its more than 6,5 millions of leeks we annually produce. All these leeks put end to end represent for about 1000 kilometers!

Un agriculteur récolte les poireaux dans les champs à l'aide de la machinerie spécialisée

Checklist for leeks harvesting

End of February           Sow seeds.         
May till mid-June           Plant young plants in the fields.
Ridging plants to cover the white parts.
September till mid-November             Harvest divine leeks!            

Whole or sliced, you'll find our leeks in most of Quebec's grocery store and supermarket. Want to cook it, now, like right now? Discover our classical recipes with leeks!