To make wise choice at the grocery store and eat healthily, it must be given importance and times. Here are easy and efficient steps to follow!


  • Do an inventory of foods inside your pantry and refrigerator;
  • Prepare a paper list or an electronical note to avoid any ommission or impulsives purchases;
  • Determine two recipes to prepare with foods you already have. So, you'll be assured of foods rotation and lost of foods;
  • If there are ingredients still missing for the preparation of chosen recipes, add it to your gorcery list;
  • Based over your preferences and craving of the moment, chose a 3rd recipe to prepare. Add ingredients to your list;
  • Think about your schedule for the next days and complete your grocery list based over activities planned. You'll avoid to buy too much and to chose recipes that will take too much time to prepar

Do you need "on the go" snacks? Lunch bag? How much time do you have to prepare your lunch? Do you have many meals at restaurants panned?

  • Be sure to fullfil your hunger before going to the gocery store. A sasiated body let the mind stay up to its preestablished list!
  • The cart should mainly be garnished with foods from refrigerated display and counters that goes around the aisles. you'll then have a cart composed of raw and rich in nutrients foods. Roam around aisles from the center only for ingredients anoted on your list. 
  • Privilege products with a short listing of ingredients. Discriminate ingredients by favorising foods low in sodium and saturated lipids, rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers.

                                           Daily value  ≤ 5% = low daily Value  ≥ 15 % = a lot

  • Once your grocery shopping completed, reserves time to do some preparations.

Prepare vegetables and fruits, prepare vinaigrettes, dips and sandwich garnishings. Take times to bake some foods based with : quinoa, boiled egs, chicken or fishes that will ease the making of your meals and lunch box.